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Chemical Storage Units

Some businesses need to store hazardous chemicals and other such products in the workplace. Storage of these kinds of materials is covered by health and safety regulations, and it’s the responsibility of employers to ensure all potentially hazardous materials are safely and securely stored so employees and visitors are not put in harm’s way.

By using specially constructed Chemical Storage Units, businesses can be sure they are compliant with health and safety regulations, meaning duty of care to employees is met. Chemical Storage Units also improve safety by ensuring hazardous substances are stored in one place, and encourage the safe handling of chemicals by employees.

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Buying Guide

Chemical storage units keep chemicals in the workplace safe and secure, reducing the likelihood of accidents and injuries due to spillages. The Chemical Safety Store is an environmentally-safe storage facility for chemicals. It is secure and water resistant, with an all-steel welded construction, which makes the unit robust enough to be used outdoors.

The unit has high and low-level louvre vents to prevent the build-up of dangerous vapours inside the cabinet. A flush-line floor sump with a galvanised grid mesh floor ensures any spills or leakages within are contained. A sliding door that runs on smooth tracks makes it easy to open and close the unit.

The seam-welded sump has removable support channels, which have been galvanised to prevent corrosion. To increase the longevity of the surface coat, it is shot blasted before being painted. The unit is available in a choice of colours, and with a range of sump capacities.

There are strict health and safety regulations applying to hazardous substances, and businesses needing to store such substances should ensure their storage facilities comply with these regulations. Purchasing storage units specially designed for this purpose makes the workplace safe and compliant.

Drum/Chemical Combination Stores are an ideal way to store drums and smaller containers in one location. These are constructed from corrugated and pressed sheet steel, which makes them strong, durable and suitable for heavy usage.

The stores have a seam-welded sump, which will contain any spillages or leakages. A hinged side door provides easy walkway access to the shelving for smaller containers. The divide between the pallet store and the walk-in area consists of an open framework.

The stores can be moved using a crane and, to make this easier, the sloping roof has crane lifting points. This means that, if the stores need to be moved by crane, they are more stable. To ensure the long life of the stores, they are shot blasted before painting to both clean them and strengthen the steel. The units have a 20-year manufacturer’s structural guarantee.

Drum/Chemical Combination Stores are available in a range of capacities and a choice of colours. Customised options are also available.

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