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Traffic, Road & General Posts

Many businesses have a requirement to section off certain areas of their workplace. This may be because vehicles such as forklift trucks are used in this area and pedestrians and vehicles should be kept apart, or because the business needs to control who parks in particular areas, or simply wants to protect certain parts of the business premises.

Whatever the reason for cordoning off areas, having the right traffic, road and general posts for the job will result in a better outcome. Some businesses may need to control the flow of either vehicle or pedestrian to ensure the safety of both employees and visitors.

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Our traffic, road and general posts and bollards are ideal for controlling the flow of vehicles or people in workplaces or other areas where it is necessary to control the flow of people or traffic to ensure safety.

Our Rope and Post Barrier System - Posts are a stylish and easy way of managing indoor queues. The posts are quick and easy to erect and the rope is simply clipped between the two posts, meaning that the system can be in place within a few minutes. No special equipment is required to set up the system. The posts are supplied in packs and have an attractive finish.

Rope and Post Barrier System Accessories - Wall Fixings are also available if required. The versatile Rope and Post Barrier System - Posts are an easy and effective way of controlling the movement of people around an area.

Rope and Post Barrier System - Ropes are sold separately and come in a high-quality velour that will not only look good, but will last for years. Rope and Post Barrier System - Ropes are ideal for use in doorways, corridors or reception areas. The clip ends match the posts.

Our Rope and Post Barrier System - Sign Holders are a useful addition. These stylish signs may be used to advertise products, direct people or provide information about what is happening. The signs come in two sizes. The signs may be positioned in portrait or landscape mode and they match the posts and the rope clip ends.

Rope and Post Barrier System - Sign Holders easily screw into the top of a post; simply remove the push-in pip and screw in the sign.

Our Lightweight Post and Chain Demarcation Kits are manageable but sturdy. The Lightweight Post and Chain Demarcation Kits are ideal for controlling crowds or cordoning off an area. It may be used indoors or outdoors and is ideal for use in warehouses, hospitals, factories, colleges, offices, receptions and outdoor events.

Our customer service team is available to discuss your requirements and to answer any questions you might have about our traffic, road and general posts.

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