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Traffic & Road Bollards

Some businesses have a need to section off areas to ensure the safety of their employees and the safety of any members of the public. This not only makes sense for the business as it reduces the risk of accidents and injuries, but it also ensures that the business complies with health and safety regulations.

Traffic and road bollards are a way of marking off areas so that vehicles and pedestrians do not cross paths they shouldn’t have access to, which can result in accidents and injuries. Bollards may be permanent or temporary, but either way they should be highly visible in order to be effective.

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Our bollards are the ideal solution for keeping traffic and pedestrians apart. Our High-Vis Drop Down Parking Post has a wide design that makes it more effective than standard parking posts at preventing unauthorised parking. While it is possible to hire a clamping service to remove vehicles that park in areas they shouldn’t, this is time consuming and costly, and areas are blocked until the vehicle is removed. Preventing the parking in the first place is a cheaper and quicker solution.

The High-Vis Drop Down Parking Post is made from durable steel and has a tough durable coating that makes it able to endure even the harshest weather conditions. The post has an integral lock with two security keys and when not in use it folds down to a compact outline. The post is fixed to the ground using a base plate and requires fixing bolts which are supplied with the post.

Our Swing Back Bollards are ideal for delineating traffic in car parks, docks or airports. Each bollard is made from highly-visible moulded plastic. The bollards are fitted with a VS873 Part 6 Des 2 sleeve. When the bollards are hit, they simply flex and then return to their original position undamaged. The bollards are fixed in place with High Impact Protection Bollards - Fixing Bolts sold separately in packs of four.

With our Recycled Traffic Posts and Bollards, you not only protect your property, grass verges and pathways, but also help the environment. These eco-friendly bollards are also economic. Each post is constructed from recycled materials that are highly durable and will not rot, rust or corrode meaning they will provide years of service.

The bollards are available in four different top styles, chamfered, domed, diamond or hazard. The bollards are highly visible as each comes with reflective strips. The bollards are available in a range of sizes.

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