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Heavy Duty Safety Barriers

Businesses have a duty not only to their employees but also to members of the public to ensure that a workplace is as safe as possible. In some circumstances, this can mean certain areas of a workplace have to be cordoned off to prevent unauthorised employees or members of the public gaining access.

Heavy-duty safety barriers may be permanent or temporary, but in either case, they need to be robust enough to re-use and to fulfil the required purpose; the extensive range of bars, barriers, chains, fencing, guards, poles and related accessories stocked by Welco means you can build a customised solution to suit your needs.

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Our heavy-duty safety barriers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and our Steel Hoop Guards are ideal for protecting assets and employees from moving vehicles or equipment.

When vehicles have to move around a workplace the potential for accidents is increased. By marking off the areas where vehicles operate with barriers and bollards, you reduce the risk of employees or visitors suffering an injury.

The barriers may be wall mounted and can be permanent or temporary depending on the version you purchase. The surface-mounted version is installed using heavy-duty base plates, which are pre-drilled for fixing bolts; these are sold separately. These barriers are highly visible and effective. An additional reinforcing crossbar can be added if required.

If your business needs to cordon off certain areas on a temporary basis, then our Wall Mounted Tensabarriers are ideal. The barrier is fixed to the wall via a wall clip and a controlled retraction system makes it easy to pull out the barrier when required. The webbing retracts safely into the wall unit when not needed. The barrier is easy to install and more effective than cones.

If you need a barrier that informs employees or visitors that an area is out of bounds, the Pre-Printed Wall Mounted Tensabarrier is ideal, as it can be ordered with one of three messages pre-printed on the retractable webbing.

Forklift trucks can damage the ends of racking frames but this can be eliminated with our Protection Guards with Under-Run Plate. The guards are of tubular design and constructed from heavy-duty 3mm gauge steel.

The Protection Guards with Under-Run Plate are painted and highly visible, and the powder-coated finish makes them very durable. They can be supplied in a range of sizes depending on requirements. They have high impact 4mm gauge steel plate inserts and the base plates have been pre-drilled to make fixing the guards to the surface easy.

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