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Heavy Duty Rails

Heavy-duty rails may be used by a business to protect the public or their employees from harm. If a certain area of a workplace is dangerous rails may be used to cordon off that area and ensure that only authorised people can enter the area.

One of the biggest dangers at work is working at heights and falling from heights is a common cause of injury. Such injuries can be serious and rails can help to reduce the risk to employees and ensure compliance with health and safety regulations. Rails can also be used to mark off other areas.

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Our heavy-duty rails are ideal for marking off areas and providing protection. Our Warmgrip Modular Barrier System components are unique in that the handrail system is warm to the touch. Flush fitting components make the handrail continuous and smooth.

The components are constructed from high-quality steel and a PVC coating permits maximum heat conductivity away from the hand. The components are all weather resistant and UV stable so that they will last a long time even if used outdoors in adverse weather conditions. The Warmgrip Modular Barrier System - Components are versatile and virtually maintenance free, making them a very cost-effective solution. The rails are also 100 per cent recyclable and come with anti-vandal fixing sets.

Used in conjunction with Warmgrip Modular Barrier System - Components, Warmgrip Modular Barrier System - Tubing is ideal for use indoors and outdoors in both commercial and industrial environments to create a smooth, continuous handrail.

Our Impact Protection Railing System is a strong modular barrier system that is quick and easy to install. The railing system sections are made from powder-coated steel for indoor use or hot-dipped galvanised steel suitable for outdoor use.

The Impact Protection Railing System comes in individual sections which can be assembled to any desired length. This allows additional sections to be easily added or modified at any time. It also means that damaged sections can be quickly and easily replaced with the minimum of hassle. The railings are ideal for protecting exits, entrances and equipment or for segregating traffic lanes and pedestrian areas.

For additional information about the railing systems that we offer just contact our customer service team, who will be able to answer all your questions.

Our Polyurethane Foam Impact Protectors can warn individuals of potential danger or prevent impact injuries. They come in a range of profiles, which makes them suitable for protecting and cushioning protruding corners, edges, vulnerable pipes, kerbs, walls, trolley parks, machinery, racks and vehicles.

The Polyurethane Foam Impact Protectors are recyclable and flexible, as well as being age and UV resistant, and will withstand temperatures from -40 C to 90 C. They are simple to fit and just need to be cut to the correct length.

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