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Site & Facilities

Welco, the UK’s leading provider of workplace equipment, can supply everything businesses need, inside and out. We stock everything from cycle racks to climate control systems for your premises. Health and safety requirements are also taken care of, with traffic cones, hi-vis jackets, helmets and secure cabinets, including units especially designed for the storage of hazardous materials, all on offer.

For inside, we supply a range of flooring materials, partitions and tools, while for outside, there are shelters, waste disposal containers and speed bumps. We also sell lighting equipment, for both indoor and outdoor use, and everything you need to cope with extreme weather, such as grit bins and snow shovels.

Welco specialises in three areas: healthcare, education and industrial equipment. This section of our website focuses on the latter, featuring equipment for warehouses and other industrial sites. It’s divided into several pages, an outline of which can be found below. Click on the icons to be taken to the relevant page, which will have further details on each category.

Heavy Duty Waste Bins and Skips is where you’ll find everything related to waste disposal, from cigarette bins for your smoking area to skips for industrial waste. We sell both indoor and outdoor bins, including recycling bins and secure bins for clinical waste.

Industrial Flooring & Matting covers all types of flooring products, from matting to line-marking equipment, such as paints, stencils, tape and solvents, for demarcating areas of your company’s premises. This category includes anti-fatigue matting, which is designed to make the workplace more comfortable for workers who have to stand for long periods, and entrance matting to prevent grime and wetness from outside going any further.

When it comes to health and safety in the workplace, Workplace Safety Products is where you’ll find everything you need to ensure your company carries out its responsibilities, from safety clothing to training DVDs to traffic cones. You can also make certain ladders, scaffolding and other equipment is tagged and inventoried with the Scafftag Safety Management System.

If you need to separate pedestrians and vehicles on your premises, or close off an area from traffic altogether, you can get the equipment you need to do just that from Barriers, Bollards & Posts. This category contains a range of solutions, such as retractable barriers and heavy-duty fixed bollards, and related accessories, like sign holders. It also includes products designed to improve workplace security, like anti-climb mesh fencing.

On the subject of security, the Secure Storage category has everything you could need to protect your premises, ranging from retractable key rings to heavy-duty safes, brass padlocks to steel doors. It features products suitable for a range of both budgets and industries.

If your company is creating a designated area for smokers, or looking to put a Cycle to Work scheme in place for workers, Shelters & Cycle Racks is the place to go. This category contains both basic and sophisticated smoking shelters, including those that can be customised to meet your needs, and a range of cycle racks and shelters suitable for any amount of space.

Buying Guide

Some of the bestselling products in the Site & Facilities category are DVDs on safety training, the most popular of which are Spill Prevention and Control, which details the steps needed to effectively prevent workplace spills, and Health and Safety, which provides a general overview of a topic that is the responsibility of both employer and employees.

Other popular items include fleece-lined Thermal Gloves, with extra grip for wet or icy conditions, Nesting Mobile Trucks, wheeled containers that nest inside each other for ease of storage, and the loudest personal safety alarm available in the UK, the Defender Professional Attack Alarm.

Further details of all these products, and thousands more, are available by selecting the relevant category. Each category includes its own buying guide to help you select the best products for your workplace.


Q: What type of products can I find in the Site & Facilities category?

A: In the Sites & Facilities category you can find Heavy Duty Waste Bins & Skips, Industrial Flooring & Matting, Workplace Safety Products, Barriers, Bollards & Posts, Weather Control, Workplace Outdoor Equipment, COSHH Cabinets, Secure Storage, Shelters & Cycle Racks, Workplace Security Equipment, Partitioning, Work Tools and Climate Control.

Q: What Sites & Facilities equipment do I need for my premises?

A: If you need help deciding what Sites & Facilities products would best suit your needs, get in touch with Welco’s team of experts, which has over 150 years of combined experience in workplace solutions. You can contact us by phone, fax, email and Live Chat.

Q: What if the Sites & Facilities product I want is the wrong colour or size?

A: Not a problem! If the Sites & Facilities product you want doesn’t quite suit your needs, Welco can personalise it for you. We customise everything from entrance matting and furniture to storage systems and acoustic solutions.

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