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Site & Facilities

Welco, the UK’s leading provider of workplace equipment, can supply everything that businesses need, for interior and exterior use. We stock everything from cycle racks to climate control systems for your business premises. Health and safety requirements are also taken care of, with traffic cones, hi-visibility jackets, helmets and secure cabinets, including units especially designed for the storage of hazardous materials.

For inside the workplace we supply a range of flooring materials, partitions and tools, while for exterior use, there are shelters, waste disposal containers and speed bumps. We also sell lighting equipment, for both indoor and outdoor use, and everything you need to cope with extreme winter weather, such as grit bins and snow shovels.

Welco specialises in three areas: healthcare, education and industrial equipment. This section of the site mainly focuses on the latter, with equipment for warehouses and other industrial sites. It is subdivided into several pages, an outline of which can be found below. Click on the icons above to be taken to the relevant page, which contains further details on each product category.

Heavy Duty Waste Bins & Skips is where you will find everything related to waste disposal, from skips for industrial waste to cigarette bins for your smoking area. We sell both indoor and outdoor bins, including recycling bins and secure bins for clinical waste.

Industrial Flooring & Matting covers all types of flooring products, including line-marking stencils for road surfaces, floor plates and aisle marking tapes.

Workplace Safety Products is a wide-ranging category dedicated to providing everything your workplace needs in order to comply with all relevant health and safety regulations.

Barriers, Bollards & Posts includes both general traffic control and heavy-duty crowd control barriers.

Weather Control is the section for winter weather protection, such as grit bins, salt and snow clearing equipment.

Secure Storage contains padlocks, safes and hammer & chain combinations for alarm systems.

COSHH Cabinets provide an extra level of security for storing hazardous materials, as required under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Act.

Workplace Outdoor Equipment includes outdoor storage units, speed bumps, cable protectors, lamps and floodlights.

Shelters & Cycle Racks includes smoking shelters as well as shelters for bike racks.

Workplace Security Equipment is the section for CCTV cameras and monitors, as well as convex traffic mirrors.

Partitioning consists of machine guards, security cages, curtains and screens.

Work Tools includes toolboxes, cabinets and workstations.

Finally, Climate Control is the place to go for fans, both desk-sized and industrial.

Buying Guide

Some of the bestselling products in the Site & Facilities category include:

DVDs. We sell a range of safety training DVDs, the most popular of which are Spill Prevention and Control, detailing the steps needed to effectively prevent workplace spills, and Health and Safety, providing a general overview of a topic that is the responsibility of everyone.

Thermal Gloves. Fleece-lined gloves with extra grip to help in wet or icy conditions.

Defender Professional Attack Alarm. This is the loudest personal safety alarm available for sale in the UK.

Nesting Mobile Trucks. These wheeled containers nest inside each other for easy storage.

Wall-Mounted Steel Ashtrays. Supplied in packs of two, these ashtrays include a removable insert for easy cleaning.

Diamond Pattern Anti-Fatigue Matting. Prevent sore feet in assembly and packing areas with this PVC underfoot matting.

Further details of all these products, and thousands more, are available by selecting the relevant category. Each category includes its own buying guide to help you select the best products for your individual workplace.


Can Welco provide bespoke equipment that matches my workplace’s brand identity?

Yes! Welco specialises in creating custom ranges of equipment designed for your workplace. Whether it’s an approved colour scheme or a company logo, come and talk to us to help us produce a coordinated collection especially created for you.

Do you produce a printed catalogue?

Yes. You can order our Big Book by going to the catalogue request page.

Do you just sell the products, or can you help me choose?

Welco is more than just a retailer. We can help with even the largest projects, such as workplace relocation or a fit-out.

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