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Shelving & Racking

A company benefits greatly by having high-quality shelving and racking systems installed in its premises. With such effective storage solutions, safety standards and organisation techniques improve, which in turn leads to higher levels of productivity.
For the very best shelving and racking on the market, you’ve come to the right place. At Welco, we pride ourselves on offering a full range of versatile and affordable storage solutions, including Heavy Duty Warehouse Shelving, office shelving and specialist shelving, all of which are manufactured to the highest possible standards and conform to current UK Health and Safety regulations. We have shelving and racking available in many different materials. Every single unit we have for sale comes with a high-quality guarantee – offering you the opportunity to enhance the way you handle and manage your storage needs.

At Welco, we have a storage solution for every kind of business; from warehouses to factories to kitchens and offices, we have shelving and racking systems that are perfect for every environment. Our units don’t simply fit into particular workplaces they actively enhance them – both in terms of appearance and structure.

Buying Guide

Our expansive shelving and storing range begins with Industrial & General Shelving. The units available within this category are designed for multipurpose storage for a wide range of items, enabling you to store a selection of different products in one convenient place. With Eco-Rax Shelving, Archive Shelving, Boltless Shelving, Wide Access Shelving, Melamine Racking, Galvanised Shelving and Euro Shelving all ready for purchase, it’s certain you’ll be able to find a top-quality unit for general purpose storage from our range.
If you want to take your storage facilities forward with more advanced shelving units, you will find a storage solution among our Specialist Shelving range. All the systems within this category have been designed for very specific purposes. Our Anti-Bacterial Shelving, for example, is ideal for use in kitchens or cold rooms, and our Ventilated Plastic Shelving is a superb lightweight option that can be set up, disassembled, and transported from room to room with ease.
If you require storage systems capable of handling heavier goods, you will find them in our Heavy Duty Racking and Heavy Duty Industrial & General Shelving ranges. These categories consist of shelving units designed to handle the most weighty, bulky items, transforming formerly difficult stock processes into easy tasks.
You can also improve the appearance, style and organisation of your office environment with the wide range of shelving units available in our Office Shelving range. These storage systems are built for general purpose use and are designed to complement a typical office environment, offering you a way to systematise your files and folders without sacrificing the look and feel of your workspace. With Dental Shelving and Cantilever Shelving available, our Office Shelving range offers you a way to enhance your office so it looks and functions better than ever before.
Finally, yet importantly, we have Warehouse Shelving & Racking Labels available. All the products in this category have been designed to help you effectively label your inventory, which allows your staff to clearly identify products and ultimately improve the way storage is handled. Stickers, card holders, warning signs and aisle markers are available.


Q: How do I know which shelving unit is right for me?
A: Before you begin browsing our shelving and racking range, we suggest you take accurate measurements of the areas where you plan to place the new units. The vast majority of shelving options are available in a number of different sizes, so once you are aware of the available space you have in your facility, you can confidently select the appropriate dimensions.
Consider the material that will best suit your facility and read the product descriptions closely for crucial information about the ability of units to withstand certain environments.
Q: Do you have any additional products that can improve my storage?
A: Yes. As well as a multitude of shelving and racking labels, we also supply a number of different products that can help you organise your storage systems and improve productivity in your workplace. These include Document Dividers for office shelving, Archive Storage Boxes for stowing away papers and files, and Extension Bays for all kinds of different units that allow you to enhance your storage space – clipping on to your existing shelving system comfortably.

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