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Refreshment Area Seating

Break times are an essential part of any productive working environment; although time spent away from a desk may feel counter-productive, such moments allow employees a chance to clear their minds and to approach a task with a fresh pair of eyes. Those spending long hours in front of their desk without a break, meanwhile, are more likely to struggle to stay focused. Choosing the right Refreshment Area Seating will no doubt play an important role in your quest to rest your team members. This space should be bright and cheerful, and include comfortable chairs, table space, and even cushions.

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Refreshment area furniture should offer a break from the norm; items designed specifically for rest are often bright and colourful, with additional padding and cushions not found in desk chairs. The Lotus chair, with its contemporary style, is an example of refreshment area seating that your employees will adore. When teamed with the modular reception table and Alcove designer footstool, the chair is likely to tempt employees, associates, and visitors alike to spend a little more time rejuvenating, ready to tackle the afternoon’s tasks.

The most contemporary spaces deserve furnishings to match, and we are incredibly proud of our Hub low reception seating and Hub high reception seating. Bright and bold, these chairs are multi-functional and modular; when placed together the chairs can create seating arrangements of any style or design. While the low model will provide a comfortable and inviting alternative to a desk chair, the higher model serves the purpose of cutting out unwanted noise and creating a private space. Ideal for open plan offices without a separate break room this product can be used to create a quiet, cosy nook in which your employees will love to spend time.

The items included in our aluminium seating range, which includes a mesh chair, armchair, and round table, would be the perfect addition to an outside dining area, café, or informal restaurant. Sturdy and hard-wearing, as well as easy to clean, these products are timeless favourites among catering companies and community settings, as well as for any business that’s able to provide an outdoor break area. When not in use both types of chair can be stacked for quick and easy storage purposes, ensuring that break areas and shop floors can be kept clear at the end of each shift. The stackable bench seat, which features a frame and legs of aluminium construction, is similarly perfect when space is limited; ideal for canteen and café use, or during school lunchtimes, this bench is lightweight, stackable, and easily cleared away.

Many of these products would complement our range of outdoor furniture, which is ideal for use during breaks in order to boost morale and productivity.

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