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From business meetings and conferences, to catered events and table top sales, there will no doubt come a time when your existing desk and table space just isn’t enough – regardless of the type of company you operate. While some business can pool resources from other departments or locations, others may find themselves a little more stuck; when you’re pushed for space, how do you justify filling those spare nooks with tables that are only used on special occasions? Folding Tables are a fantastic solution for such moments, providing the surfaces that you need without eating into the space you don’t have.

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Folding tables are an asset to businesses and venues of every kind, providing additional surfaces when your existing desk and table space just isn’t enough. Whether you run a community venue that likes to host events, own an office at which conferences are a common occurrence, or simply like to be prepared for every eventuality, our folding tables could be the space saving solution that you’re looking for.

The stackable folding table is a popular model; available in a range of sizes, this table is easy to set up and store, and won’t let you down when you’re in need of additional space. The table boasts a lightweight design, while its legs can be pulled out and put away with a swift movement. This ensures you’ll be able to take out and put away the table with limited assistance. Similarly, the lightweight folding table, which is available as a rectangular or round unit, is easy to put up or down. It’s suitable for use indoor or outside, making it the ideal solution for outdoor venues and events. The Morph table, meanwhile, offers all of this convenience and more. Made from durable polypropylene it’s hard-wearing and easy to clean.

To complement the convenience of the folding tables found within this section we are pleased to introduce these table trolleys, including the lightweight trolley, and the stackable table trolley. Hard-wearing and strong, both trolleys are designed to carry multiple folding tables, making the task of transporting such items quick and so simple. Community venues, educational establishments and businesses with limited space will no doubt find these trolleys incredibly useful, with more room to conduct events and daily tasks without the worry of tripping over or bumping into folding tables. For additional safety each of the trolleys we stock is fitted with brakes, preventing them from rolling, or being moved by accident.

The folding trolleys found on this page will work well alongside any of our stackable chairs, providing additional space for catered events, business meetings, and even conferences.

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