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Filing Cabinets are an integral part of any office or workspace, providing quick, convenient, and often secure storage for all manner of paperwork, stationery items, personal effects, and electrical equipment. Whatever it is that your office is in the business of creating, or in the habit of storing, the chances are you’ll use a filing cabinet to ensure its safety; these days most models can be locked, or fastened to walls, as an additional security measure. We stock an exhaustive range of Filing Cabinets, units, and pedestals, ranging from the most basic to those found in the busiest offices. Please do take your time to browse this selection.

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All businesses tend to use paperwork of some kind, whether those are medical records, invoices, customer details, technical drawings, students’ work, or data pertaining to the local community and wider area. Whatever form this paperwork takes, it’s vital it’s kept in a safe and organised manner. Our economy filing cabinets and cupboards, as well as the executive filing cupboard and multi drawer cabinet, are a great place to start your search for storage; strong and sturdy, with simple, yet stylish designs, each of these products is deceptively spacious inside. The Sun fire-resistant cabinet, meanwhile, provides an extra level of protection against vandalism and theft. This is particularly handy if you’ve ever worried about the security of your premises.

Wooden storage is a popular choice in offices of every kind, offering an attractive alternative to the metal models that you may be used to seeing. Each of our wooden filing cabinets is designed to complement one of our office ranges, including the Harborne cabinet, Elmdon cabinets, Bournville executive filing unit, and the Concept cabinet and pedestal. This choice of items across each range will help you to create a stylish and contemporary office environment, with uniformity throughout.

Offices with limited space will benefit from our selection of rotary filing units and corner filing units; without compromising on quality or storage space, these products are designed to take up as little room as possible. We also stock a multi-drawer storage unit, which is divided into multi-compartment insert trays for easy filing purposes.

Finally, consider the accessories that are likely to enhance your filing cabinets and their use. The plinth base will protect carpets and wooden floors, while castor bases improve the manoeuvrability of any filing unit. We even sell a dust cover for your rotary filing units, which will protect any documents you may wish to file.

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