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Commercial Office Tables

At Welco we are able to provide office furniture and equipment of every kind, from desks and chairs, to the accessories that will help your business to put each item to its best use. Our range of Commercial Office Tables is a versatile one, featuring workstations, meeting and conference tables, and tables that can be used in break and waiting rooms. Many of the tables we stock have been designed with numerous uses in mind, and we’re sure that you’ll find everything you need within this section.

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Desks are the focal point of any office, providing a place where team members can work, plan projects, read paperwork, and make telephone calls, as well as giving them a space to store important items and equipment. We stock an extensive range of desks for every kind of business, including the workstations that you will find on this page. Attractive, sturdy, and incredibly hard-wearing, these rectangular workstations work perfectly in any office environment – particularly in those where space is limited, such as a retail office or workshop. Each boasts cable access ports to ensure computer wires are safely stored, as well as additional pedestal storage that can be purchased separately or as an integral unit.

Away from the main office environment you’re likely to require additional tables in order to conduct meetings and conferences, or for use in break rooms and waiting rooms. So that you may keep up professional appearances we stock a number of products designed for this purpose, including the Concept round meeting table, Concept panel end meeting table, and meeting and breakout table. Ideal for rooms of any size, and helping you to use your office’s space in a productive way, these tables are competitively priced and beautifully crafted; delegates and visitors are likely to be impressed by your attention to detail, while employees will no doubt enjoy the additional space you provide.

At Welco we don’t only stock items for offices, but for businesses of every kind. Our express bistro table is just an example of our products’ diversity; a classic café table, this item will look stunning in your restaurant or eatery, or as a dinner table in your business’s canteen or break room. The same could be said of our Harborne range printer table, which can easily double as a side table, coffee table, or bookstand; the opportunities are endless with this kind of product, which we’re sure you’ll soon discover.

While this range of commercial office tables is an extensive one, we are easily contactable should you have any difficulty finding what you’re looking for. Our team is dedicated to making your purchasing experience easy and enjoyable.

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