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Boardroom & Conference Furniture

Your business’s ability to provide adequate meeting and conference facilities for employees, associates, and delegates from other companies will set you apart from others within your industry; for better or worse. For this reason boardrooms, conference spaces, and meeting areas should be properly equipped with everything you’re likely to need, including furniture, accessories, and even stationery. You won’t get a second chance to make a first impression, so make sure that you’re prepared for every occasion with our extensive array of boardroom and conference furniture, including tables and chairs to suit a diverse array of events.

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At Welco we understand how important it is for your business to be properly prepared for all occasions, including conferences and meetings, catered events, and team building activities, as well as internal affairs such as training sessions, interview, and tribunals. Your company’s reputation could hinge upon your ability to comfortably seat any number of visitors, while you’d find it very difficult to complete certain tasks if your boardrooms and meeting rooms were improperly equipped.

Our meeting and conference room tables are designed to fit any sized room, and any purpose. Our standard tables, for example, can be purchased in an array of widths and finishes, and as a rectangular or semi-circular unit. Our conference room tables, meanwhile, are supplied in four shapes, a variety of sizes, and three different finishes; whatever your meeting and conference requirements our tables are strong, stylish, and well-crafted for your use.

It’s sometimes necessary to use additional tabletops for a special event, such as a conference or team building event. After such an event has occurred you may not have the space to store these extra tables and chairs, which can be cumbersome – to say the least. With this in mind we’re proud to stock flip-top tables and tables with folding chrome legs, which can be manoeuvred between spaces with ease and convenience, and put into storage when they’re not in use. Such items are incredibly useful for businesses to have. The nature of these tables does nothing to effect their quality; despite featuring sliding table tops and folding legs, each unit is incredibly well made and durable.

The Hush acoustic sofa, which seats up to three people, is a beautiful, contemporary piece of furniture. With its padded seat cushions and enclosed sides and back, it’s not only comfortable but practical too; with a few optional extras, this particular product becomes a multimedia booth that will transform any meeting. Employees and visitors alike will no doubt enjoy the opportunity to use such a space. Similarly comfortable is the tub armchair, which is suitable for meetings and training sessions. While its use is relatively straightforward, its elegant design and padding will set it apart from other items.

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