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Reception Furniture

Upon entering your building the first space that visitors will see, and interact with, is your reception area. The way this area looks, and is furnished, will have a huge impact upon those visitors’ first impression of you and the kind of establishment you operate. Dull, scantily furnished reception areas seldom inspire positivity in those entering your building for the first time, while a warm and welcoming foyer can get business meetings, interviews, and visits off to a great start before you’ve had a chance to introduce yourself. Aside from brightening such areas, the Reception Furniture you choose is also important to that first impression.

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Our site is stocked with an array of products that can transform your reception area into a vibrant, productive space in which secretaries, personal assistants, and administration staff can work. On this page you will find a selection of items that will welcome visitors to your building in the best way possible, by providing them with somewhere comfortable to sit while they await your meeting, conference, or interview. The chairs included in this selection would also make great additions to medical waiting rooms, staff and break rooms, and corridors, where visitors and guests may be required to wait.

The Rubic reception chair has a modular design, which means that seating arrangements of any kind are created when two or more units are placed together; regardless of the space your reception area occupies, adequate seating can be installed. With its deep cushioned seat and high back, the Rubic chair is effortlessly comfortable and could be used for several hours at a time if required. In addition, its simple, universal design is suitable for use with other items of furniture you may already have. Our modular reception seating is of a similar design to the Rubic chair, although features a boxed base that’s strong and sturdy. Upholstered, and featuring a cushioned seat, this chair is comfortable and versatile. Again of a modular design, this chair can be used to create a seating arrangement of your choosing.

The leather or suede effect that can be chosen for the visitors' chair will make it an instant favourite in your workplace’s reception or boardroom; as comfortable as it is stylish, this chair is one of the most versatile that we sell. The chair’s wooden arms and base add extra strength to its design, and it could be used across your company when additional seating is required. Cool and comfortable, the leather-effect reception chair will create an instant impression on visitors to your building. Its deep padding and tapered armrests will support a person’s posture as they relax, while its design should reinforce the sophisticated nature of your business.

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