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Elmdon Desk Range

Effortlessly stylish in its finish, and yet simple in its design and construction, the Elmdon Desk Range is one that will complement any office – regardless of its size or function. While this office range is traditional and timeless, it features a number of contemporary additions that will benefit your office space. These include cantilever legs for added durability, and cable access ports to ensure desks are kept tidy at all times. Although the Elmdon Desk Range is primarily concerned with desks, it does boast several storage solutions for your office; this range can work for you in so many ways.

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725 x 426 x 800 mm(1)
725 x 756 x 306 mm(1)
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Buying Guide

The Elmdon desk range features a number of desks in a diverse array of designs, from the basic to those a little more luxurious. The silver H-frame desk and the straight cantilever desk, for example, are ideal for workshop offices and reception areas, while the corner desk and wave desk have been designed with the maximisation of space and surface area in mind. The latter two desks would be particularly useful in larger office environments and classrooms, enabling users to spread out projects and paperwork as required.

The corner desk with panel end and straight desk with panel legs both provide great quality storage solutions, ideally paired with pedestal units and smaller filing cabinets. The panel ends are particularly useful for concealing such means of storage, ensuring your office space is always neat and tidy.

If you’re looking to refurnish your office space, do take the time to view our range of matching Elmdon products, which will perfectly complement your new desk. The issue of storage, which can be a particularly tricky one to address across office environments, is solved with the range’s pedestal units, filing cabinets, bookcases, and cupboards; each item can be bought with an identical finish to introduce uniformity across your workplace. From the standard cupboard, which can be locked for additional security, to the economy bookcase and combination unit, our storage products are fully adjustable and customisable, providing you with a workable space in which to get down to business.

Regardless of the size of your office space we’re sure that the Elmdon range will have something to suit your desk and storage requirements, finished in a style that will complement your existing décor and furnishings. Each item is available as a single unit, although multiples can be bought if you’re looking to refurnish a larger space.

We are proud to be able to sell such a diverse range of office furnishings, including chairs, accessories, and display boards, as well as desks. Please do have a look at our office furniture and presentation department to find everything you could need.

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