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Bournville Desk Range

Quality workplace furniture boosts staff morale by creating an environment that’s both stylish and professional. Businesses that choose furniture products from the same range, and in the same finish, appear far more efficient than those with mismatched décor, while employees enjoy working in an environment that’s had time and thought put into its design. The process of purchasing new furniture signals that a business is keen to invest in its future, its workspace and its people. The Bournville Desk Range is just one of the styles that we stock; we’re confident you’ll find a range of items to suit your working environment.

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Buying Guide

The Bournville range is typified by the quality of its craftsmanship and its attention to detail; even the straight desk, which could be considered one of the more basic items, features cantilever legs that will tidy and conceal cables. When purchasing a piece of furniture from the Bournville range you can be assured you’re getting a product that’s not only fit for purpose, but also effortlessly stylish.

Personalise your office space with any of the desk designs on offer from the Bournville range. The artistic wave desk enables employees to maximise their surface space when they have multiple projects to complete, while the corner desk can be customised as left or right-handed. The executive desk boasts an enhanced ergonomic shape, which encourages workers to carefully consider their position and posture as they complete documents. Its deluxe storage has been thoughtfully added for those who may need to have multiple items on hand at any one time; it’s the perfect desk space for managers and executives, as well as creative types.

Storage is often a big problem in offices, as employees struggle to find secure homes for documents and files, stationery, and other accouterments. Offices that appear clean and tidy are often the calmest and most productive, so allow us to introduce the Bournville range’s selection of storage solutions. The executive cupboard features shelves and lockable doors, and would be ideal for the storage of items that need to be kept secure. The combination bookcase, meanwhile, offers the best of both worlds, as its bottom half can be locked while the top remains open and easy to access. Other products, such as the pedestals and corner storage units are ideal complements to a busy office.

All of the products in the Bournville desk range are supplied as single units, although we would encourage you to think carefully about mixing and matching items to create a stylish office. Whether you opt for a beech, maple, or oak finish, this furniture range is hard to beat in terms of quality and style.

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