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Stools are a fantastic solution for businesses that may be limited on space, or for those providing seating for workers who normally stand for long periods; though you may not be looking for a chair, you’d like to ensure your employees are comfortable. Portable, versatile, and stylish, Stools can be used during a variety of tasks and stored away when they’re not in use. They’re particularly useful in science classrooms, medical and healthcare settings, on factory floors and in workshops, and during electrical or engineering work. Positioned at benches, high desks, or examination tables, Stools are a flexible alternative for businesses of every kind.

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Buying Guide

At Welco we know that you’re looking for versatile seating options. We have selected a number of products for sale, each with different advantages and features. The standard work stool, for example, has integrated lumbar support and a simple design, while the saddle seat stool is perfect for workers who need a little help with their posture; we’re in the business of providing stools that complement your business and its people.

Our stools are available in two distinct ranges - those that are wooden, and those manufactured from polyurethane. The wooden stools, including the standard stool, the round wood stool, and the high wood stool can all be used in industrial, educational, and healthcare settings, providing versatile occasional seating with a sleek design. The polyurethane stools, meanwhile, are perfect for retail businesses, medical and laboratory environments, and factory floors. Any time an employee is required to stand for long periods of time, such stools can provide great comfort and support at intervals. The posture stool in particular can encourage those who normally stand to adopt a seating stance that will greatly improve their well-being. The industrial polyurethane stool and padded polyurethane stool are adjustable and easy to clean, and can be customised to suit their user and the task they’ll be used for.

Of course there can be so much more to stools than first meets the eye. Our industrial stools with tray, which can be purchased with a wooden, upholstered or polyurethane finish, can be used as seating and storage, providing a handy base unit in which small tools or utensils could be secured. The static dissipative upholstered stool, meanwhile, is both a stool and a means of discharging static electricity, which can build to dangerous levels in electrical and electronic environments. Both of these products enable their users to complete tasks to the best of their abilities, while providing the simple service of seating.

Our stools are supplied as single units, but are available as bulk orders should you require more than one.

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