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Polypropylene & Stacking Chairs

Durable polypropylene and stacking chairs are useful to have around, ensuring your business has plenty of seating for every occasion. These chairs are perfect for a number of uses, including temporary seating during an event, as additional seating in a community space, for conferences and meetings, and as customer seating in a café or restaurant, as well as visitor seating in a break room, waiting room, or reception area. The versatile nature of these products means that they could also be used in classrooms and training rooms, or in your retail environment; simply select a product to view its specifications and see how it would suit your requirements.

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Additional seating can be a major problem for businesses, particularly when you have to seat a vast number of extra guests, employees, or members of the public that are visiting your premises. This section of our website should provide a comprehensive solution, featuring polypropylene stacking chairs, conference chairs, and banquet chairs, as well as folding chairs that can be used during a variety of circumstances.

Folding chairs are an asset to every business, making sure that you’ll always have enough seating for visitors, delegates, and paying customers. Cleverly designed and hard wearing, our folding chairs, including the contoured folding chair, economy chair, and morph folding chair, will add additional seating quickly and easily, before returning to a convenient storage space that’s out of the way.

Within this section you will find our extensive ‘Evolve’ range of chairs, which is highly versatile. Including a side chair, an armchair, a high chair, and a skid chair, this particular range is suitable for a variety of purposes, including canteen seating, classroom and conference use, for waiting rooms and reception areas, and for use in the medical sector and the healthcare industry. Each chair is available in one of four distinct colours, and would be easy to clean and maintain throughout its life. Tellingly, all four models have been tested to ensure they comply with British Standards and they can be used regardless of the health and safety requirements of your workplace.

Finally, but perhaps most importantly, you’re going to need a way to transport your additional chairs into position. Their convenience may be lost if it’s too much of a chore to place and remove them, after all. Our polypropylene stacking chair trolley is an easy and efficient way to transport the stacked chairs; not only will it save you time and effort, but the trolley can also reduce the risk of injury while moving chairs around a building.

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