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Operator Chairs

It’s important to us that our products are as accessible as possible, and that they’re useful to customers from a wide variety of industries. For this reason we choose products that reflect the diversity of the businesses choosing to work with us, including the operator chair. The operator chair is an item of furniture than can be used by many different kinds of workers, supporting them as they undertake a number of tasks. We are proud to be able to sell such a distinct range of Operator Chairs within this section; each has its own merits regardless of the paces you’re going to put it through.

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Our operator chairs are designed with a range of industries in mind, including call centres, security departments, retail settings, and workshops; most of these chairs can be adjusted to suit the user, and the industry in which they’re working. The flexibility of the products that we sell ensures you’ll always find what you’re looking for, and at an agreeable price.

The padded industrial chair is a jack-of-all-trades, ideal for draughtsman working in the engineering industry, high street bankers, and those who may just need a perch from time to time. Upholstered for comfort, the chair is adjustable and portable, enabling it to be used across departments and offices. The industrial operator chair, meanwhile, has been designed with precision jobs in mind; durable and comfortable, this product can be used for several hours at a time.

Demonstrating the flexibility of our products is the standard operator chair, which can be adjusted to suit the person and the task at hand. Customisable in terms of colour, as well as height and chair tilt, and ergonomic in its design, this model is ideal for use across a number of industries. The executive 24-hour operator chair can be similarly used, although its anti-shock feature makes it particularly suitable for prolonged use in tough environments.

If you’re looking for something a little sturdier, or luxurious, the Titan operator chair has everything you could require from your seating, including reclining and tilting functions, a larger, padded seat, and a high back. This ergonomic chair can be used 24-hours a day, and has a weight tolerance far heavier than many other chairs in this particular section. The round-the-clock operator chair, meanwhile, is more than just ergonomic; designed with the aid of a chiropractor this chair will aid the well-being of employees by improving posture and circulation, and reducing fatigue. Comfortably padded with height and tilt adjustments, it could be used by workers across a range of industries including office and retail work, factory and workshop settings, or in community spaces.

Please take your time to browse each of these products, and to view their unique specifications.

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