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Office Executive Chairs

An executive chair is an office chair with a difference; one that may typically be used by only managers and executives, but can actually be enjoyed by employees of every grade. An executive chair can usually be tilted, adjusted, and swiveled to create an optimum working position for the sitter, while its features may include additional padding, a higher back, and armrests. Such chairs can be used for longer periods without a detrimental effect upon your employees’ posture, and will provide a comfortable and productive working environment for anyone confined to their desk for hours on end.

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Your employees, regardless of their role within your company, deserve chairs that are going to provide the best possible support throughout their day. Your office, meanwhile, will no doubt benefit from the morale boost that stylish new chairs are likely to inspire; choosing to replace your existing chairs with executive chairs will create an air of sophistication and style.

Our chairs are available in a range of styles to suit all budgets, and include traditional large executive chairs and leather executive office chairs, as well as more contemporary designs such as the mesh effect executive chair. While the difference in style is evident these chairs all provide the same basic functions, and can be adjusted to suit the person using them. Lumbar support is integral to each design, and armrests provide a little extra support for anyone seated for a long period of time.

From the heavy-duty executive chair and Keno fabric chair, the office seating provided by Welco is designed to be as different as your business – and as unique as its employees. You’ll find fabric chairs, those that are upholstered in leather, and those with mesh backs, as well as chairs with head and neck supports such as the Fonz executive chair. The Windsor cream leather chair and the Kingston leather chair offer something a little bit special, although any of our seating options could be purchased in bulk for uniformity across your office.

Our executive chair range includes those designed for use by visitors to your office or workplace; a responsible business ensures that its guests are as comfortable as its employees. Our standard visitors’ chair is upholstered in leather or suede-effect to complement your office’s existing décor, and is designed to offer comfort and support regardless of how long your meeting lasts, or your conference continues for.

When you purchase executive chairs from Welco you can be assured of their quality and fitness for purpose.

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