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Office Ergonomic Chairs

Poor posture is a problem in contemporary office environments, causing workers pain and discomfort every day; our bodies simply weren’t designed to sit still for as long as we do, and they’re feeling the strain of long days spent in front of computer screens. While you may not be able to do much about your employees’ working hours, or alter the time they spend in front of a computer screen, you can help to improve their seated posture by providing ergonomically designed chairs. Ergonomics is the study of employees’ efficiency in their working environment. Ergonomic furniture is designed to complement the office, aid productivity, and support physiology – including posture.

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At Welco we understand the importance of providing the right kinds of equipment for your employees; we know that you want to ensure your employees’ well-being while boosting their productivity, and that it takes a special kind of furniture to do so with maximum impact. Our ergonomic chairs are designed with workers from a range of industries in mind. Whether they spend two or eight hours seated at a desk, the products highlighted on this page offer unbeatable support.

Featuring adjustable height, tilt, and angle, the static dissipative ergonomic chair is a popular choice for workers in the electrical and electronics industries. Capable of absorbing electrical energy and preventing static electricity from building up over time this chair will not only protect employees’ posture, but also reduce their risk of shocks. This chair is compliant with European safety standards, and will aid your efforts to provide a safer, more comfortable working environment for your team members.

Suitable for all office environments, and for sustained use, the heavy-duty executive chair is a step up from our other ergonomic chairs; its padded upholstery provides a comfortable seat, while the high back and arms will ensure team members are always sitting properly. Featuring a recline function and castor wheels, the chair can be moved and customised to suit its user, while the stylish design will be a welcome addition to offices of any kind.

Ergonomic seating shouldn’t be limited to employees, but to those who may be visiting your office or workplace. For this reason our ergonomic chair section also features the express bistro chair and the alcove designer chair. The former is ideal for informal office settings, break rooms, and eateries, supporting eight hours continual uses and encouraging a good posture at all times. The latter, meanwhile, would look fantastic in a home office, reception area, or break room; it’s funky, yet comfortable design will keep office workers sitting pretty for up to eight hours.

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