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Commercial Office Chairs

Trust us when we say that your employees and associates will thank you for taking the time to choose the right kind of office chairs. You see, humans were never intended to sit down for as long as we now do, and those long shifts hunched over desks and PC screens are starting to take their toll. Posture-related aches and pains are among the most common workplace complaints, and so it’s vital that you choose ergonomic office furniture that’s going to inspire better posture and support your employees as they work.

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Buying Guide

While you may assume that there’s little to choose between office chairs, and that providing anything to sit on is a bonus, we’re here to tell you that the business of seating is a lot more complicated than it sounds. Take our standard office chairs, for example, although they appear nothing out of the ordinary each chair features height and tilt adjustment so that it can be customised to support the employee’s posture in the best possible way. The Olympus 24-hour chair, meanwhile, is padded for additional comfort and boasts an array of adjustments, and the peak chair is slim and elegant, but effectively supportive. Your employees should be encouraged to sit correctly, regardless of the time they spend in front of a computer monitor or desk. Purchasing the right kind of chair is one of the best ways to offer this kind of support.

We’re not all about uniform black here at Welco; the Aurora chair will offer a burst of colour to your office environment and break rooms, while our two-tone designs and draughtsman chairs are supportive, comfortable, and a little different to the commercial chairs you may have seen before. We’re also excited to be able to offer a range of colour choices on many of the chairs you’ll see listed here today; just check the product specifications for more options.

We understand the importance of keeping your visitors and customers as comfortable as your employees. We are therefore proud to stock additional seating that’s perfect for such occasions, including the Scirroco leather chair, the Summit visitor chair, and the Canasta visitor chair, as well as modular shaped seating blocks that can be used to create any kind of seating arrangement you choose. This latter option comes in an array of colours, making it a popular choice for reception areas and break rooms where seating that is more informal is required.

At Welco we can ensure that your office employees are as comfortable and productive as possible during the working day.

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