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Commercial Chairs

It’s not only offices that require adequate seating; employees working in every sector imaginable are likely to make use of a chair every once in a while, regardless of how much time they usually spend standing up to complete tasks. At Welco we know how important it is for members of every workforce to be provided with comfortable chairs that are fit for purpose. Although they may not be in use as often, or for comparative periods, these Commercial Chairs must still properly support workers whenever they do require a break, and suit the environment in which they’re to be used.

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Buying Guide

Our industrial style commercial chairs have been selected from an array of suppliers and manufacturers to ensure we’re offering your workforce the very best support imaginable; our chairs are available in a range of styles, colours, and finishes, and can be used across innumerable industries. Factory floors, workshops, laboratories, medical facilities, and community spaces can all be catered for across this particular section of our website.

Workshops and factory floors; your seating needs are catered for with a range of standard chairs. These include the factory chair, which is height adjustable and sturdy, the workshop chair, which is fully ergonomic and padded, and the industrial polyurethane chair, which can be easily cleaned regardless of what you spill on or near it. All of these chairs can be lifted and lowered, which makes them ideal for production lines and workbenches.

For specialist professions, particularly those in the electrical and electronic industries, our static control and static dissipative chairs are not only useful, but also great for your employees’ wellbeing. Static electricity, when allowed to build up, can be incredibly dangerous in a work environment. These chairs prevent static from being allowed to gather at all, creating a safer space in which to work. Additionally, each of these chairs is ergonomic and comfortable.

Also included within our range of commercial chairs are the easy-clean polypropylene chair, and the vinyl saddle seat. Again adjustable these seats can be used across the medical and healthcare profession, as well as for teaching and training purposes. Classrooms with workbenches will find particular use for the easy-clean chair, as it can be lifted and lowered depending upon the user and the environment in which they’re working.

It’s important to us that our commercial chairs are suitable for use across a variety of workplaces, and that our customers are able to find everything they need to meet their furniture needs. All of our products feature detailed descriptions and specifications.

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