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Seating is something we all take for granted; wherever we go we no doubt expect there to be chairs waiting for us and yet you’ve probably never taken the time to appreciate the thought that has gone into choosing such a stool, chair, or sofa arrangement before. Now you’re on the search for chairs and seating of your own, you’ll have asked yourself a series of questions before settling down to browse this page. What will each chair be used for? How many do you require and within what budget? You’ve probably even thought about colour and design, which is why we take the supply of such products incredibly seriously.

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At Welco we are dedicated to ensuring your employees, associates, and customers are comfortable while they’re doing business with you. Our range of chairs is extensive, and includes all manner of stools, office and executive chairs, and visitor seating, as well as stools and chairs for community spaces. Whatever each chair will be used for, you can rest assured that it has been carefully designed to fit your purpose, and your budget.

Buying Guide

Every office needs chairs, and across these pages you will discover numerous products that are suitable for use in small and large offices and call centres, and for businesses with one, or many employees. These chairs range from the comfortable, yet basic, such as the concept and concept maxi operator chairs, to the ergonomic and executive, including the aptly named executive office chair and static dissipative ergonomic chair. Each of these chairs offers varying degrees of flexibility and posture support to ensure everyone is seated correctly and comfortably. The type of chair you choose will hinge upon the environment in which it’s to be used; how big is your office space? Does the chair need to be able to move? You should be able to answer such questions before making your purchase.

We’re also proud to provide seating to laboratories and healthcare facilities, as well as educational establishments, community spaces, and construction settings. It’s not always necessary for the employees or clients of such businesses to be provided with a fixed chair, although it’s helpful to give them somewhere to rest. For this reason we have introduced a selection of wooden stools, vinyl saddle seats, and padded stools, as well as factory chairs and padded industrial chairs. Such seating arrangements, which are generally no-frills and budget-friendly, can be moved and altered whenever necessary, or cast aside altogether when not in use.

Our office chairs and seating range doesn’t only cater for office employees, but also paying guests that your eatery may entertain, or students that your classroom is set to teach. The Attol bistro chair, for example, would make a fantastic addition to your restaurant or café, while our conference chairs, stacking chairs and express bistro chairs will all provide guests and visitors with a comfortable place to sit while they are entertained or educated.

Across this department you will also find visitor chairs for waiting rooms, reception areas, and corridor seating, as well as seating arrangements for break rooms, and temporary, folding chairs to be used at special events when your venue is set to reach maximum capacity. The Canasta visitor chair, our banquet and canteen chairs, and the economy folding chair are all particularly popular with businesses looking to seat people, and you’ll no doubt find what you’re looking for in the stylish Alcove designer chair; choosing chairs has perhaps never been so entertaining.

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