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The power to communicate effectively with customers, employees, and members of the general public should never be underestimated; whatever it is you have to say it’s essential your voice is heard, whether you’re sharing information pertaining to health and safety, staff rotas, upcoming events, or a particular venue. Our range of display boards and presentation systems is an extensive one, including frames that are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, standard pin boards, and pavement signs; whatever the message you need to communicate, our products will ensure that the information that’s important to you is seen and understood with ease.

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Buying Guide

At Welco we aim to stock the kinds of products that our customers will find most useful and beneficial, regardless of the business you’re in. For this reason many of our items are multifunctional, suitable for use in a range of circumstances.

Take our frames, for example. The rounded corner snap frame, range of tamperproof frames, and wall-mounted aluminium frames can be purchased in an array of sizes, can be used both inside and out, and are designed to display documents in a manner that is both convenient and secure. Fantastic value for money, each kind of frame allows information to be changed quickly and easily; whatever it is you’d like to advertise or convey, these are the frames for the job. If you have concerns about unauthorised access to your display boards, particularly in public areas, be sure to purchase a tamperproof frame lever tool. This inexpensive utensil ensures that only those authorised to do so can open frames, while making the task of changing displays quicker than ever.

When you’ve an event to advertise, an offer to promote, or directions to give, take a moment and browse our external display boards, which include swinger pavement signs, large poster stands, and a-board snap frames. Often double-sided for convenience and ease of use, and designed to be weatherproof, these display solutions are perfect for entertainment venues, conference facilities and community spaces, as well as for use at retail sites and restaurants. What’s more, our display board solutions are as economically priced as possible. Welco prides itself on taking the stress out of your efforts to promote your business.

Lastly, but by no means any less effective than our other products, is the economy pin board, which is ideal for use in corridors, office spaces, classrooms, and break rooms. This product can provide effective noise control when strategically placed on thinner walls, which is ideal for student housing and shared accommodation.

Do take a closer look at each of our products for their specifications and customisations.

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