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The ability to communicate with employees, associates, and customers is vital to business. Regardless of the kind of business you operate you are likely to require notice and display boards; perhaps you need to keep employees informed, display the health and safety notifications that pertain to your company, alert customers to the products and services you supply, or remind students of timetables and campus events. Whatever your reason for purchasing a display or noticeboard we have an exhaustive range that you can choose from, and the expertise to guide you towards the right products for your business.

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Sometimes the simplest means of communication are the best; with a notice or display board your message is unlikely to get lost in translation, end up in a customer’s junk mail folder, or remain buried underneath a mountain of unsolicited mail. Display and noticeboards, when placed strategically, will ensure that important information is noted and understood, while poster frames and showboards will enable customers, conferences guests, or audience members to find you, your venue, or your organised event before entering the building. At Welco we want to ensure that your voice is heard, and that you’re able to communicate clearly and effectively with anyone entering your premises.

Buying Guide

Perhaps you had overlooked the purchase of a display board until now, and are only just noticing how difficult it has been to share policies, safety certificates, and legal documents, or highlight events that are important to the staff calendar. Don’t worry; our extensive range of boards will come to your rescue. Our Blaze Master tamperproof noticeboard, which can be hinged at the side or top, is the ideal addition to your corridor, securely displaying notices, events, and other staff memos that won’t be removed or lost. Our showcase noticeboards, meanwhile, are useful when space is limited and are, once again, tamperproof. We are also pleased to be able to offer budget-friendly pin boards and fire-resistant noticeboards for both commercial and domestic use; the former is particularly effective when used as a sound barrier and could be wall-mounted in smaller office cubicles, students’ halls of residence, or shared spaces in order to dull noise.

It’s often necessary to display information outside, or to advertise your business from the street; perhaps you’re an entertainment venue looking to showcase your upcoming events, a conference facility needing to guide guests, or a retail or culinary premises hoping to tempt customers with an array of offers and discounts. Whatever your need, we have suitable weather-proof boards for you, including heavy duty and practical swinger pavement signs, waterproof showcases, poster showboards, external poster stands, and A-Board snap frames, as well as free standing poster frames that could be stationed at the entrance of your venue. Each product boasts versatility, and has been made to a high standard by dedicated and knowledgeable suppliers; you can rest assured that your message won’t be miscommunicated.

We’re proud to supply display and noticeboards to representatives from all industries, and are particularly dedicated to improving the quality of learning in educational establishments across the country. For this reason we’re excited to introduce a range of multi-purpose dry wipe boards to you, including the simple, but timeless, magnetic dry wipe board, the mobile dry wipe board, which could be moved from classroom to classroom. In addition to our other notice and display products, any of these boards could be used in a classroom or training room environment to great effect.

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