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Shelf Trolleys

A flexible option to suit a variety of industrial and commercial needs, Shelf Trolleys are ideal for jobs where manoeuvrability and functionality are a top priority. Shelf Trolleys feature steel frames with a stainless or coated finish, and rubber castors, which make even-loaded units easy to move and reposition for the most convenient access. Smaller Shelf Trolleys feature two shelves, and a deep shelf option is available. Up to five adjustable shelves are available on select shelf trolley units, and they feature an open structure for easy access. Order picking trolleys and tray trolleys are two of the styles available.

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Shelf trolleys offer the flexibility of adjustable shelves and an open-access design, making them particularly useful in stockrooms, warehouses and offices. Their shelves can be adjusted easily to house containers and items of varying sizes, and units can be customised to suit particular jobs or storage needs. Shelf trolleys are durable and resistant to damage caused by environmental factors, including the wind, extreme temperatures, mould and mildew. They are easy to clean and may be steam-cleaned safely, which is important when they are being used for food-associated transportation. They are also a highly functional choice for canteens and are often used to hold and collect meal trays.

Shelf trolleys are also found in use in hospitals and are used in a range of capacities, such as in maintenance, on the wards and even in surgical areas. Their ability to carry heavy loads and move smoothly around corners and into tight spaces make them useful for housekeeping and general maintenance use. They are also low maintenance when it comes to cleaning and sanitizing, so they can be used in all areas of the hospital, even in sterile areas. Shelf trolleys are useful for general work, such as order picking, the storage and transport of tools, products or other equipment in a warehouse, or in other industrial or commercial environments. They are also useful for periodic work, such as moving office equipment in a business, collecting and storing items, tools and equipment, and picking items in a stockroom. Shelf trolleys are available in a range of sub-designs, including order picking trolleys, which are designed specifically for collections, tray trolleys that feature a low profile and deeper shelves, and shelf trolleys, featuring a metal mesh surround on three sides, perfect for containing items on the move or storing them longer term. Shelf trolleys, including our selection of sub-designs and heavy-duty shelf trolleys, may be the best choice to satisfy your unique industrial, commercial or medical needs, especially if you want safe, reliable storage and transport for your supplies, equipment and tools, as well as your finished products.

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