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Built with a strong steel framework, our Picking Trolleys feature swivel castors for a free range of movement around hallways, offices, stockrooms, and warehouses. They are adjustable, and have durable, reinforced sides and a strong base. Ideal for picking in stockrooms, for the storage and transport of hospital supplies, or for use to collect office goods, our Picking Trolleys will keep everything safe and within easy reach. Picking Trolleys fit well in a range of business, industrial, and commercial environments. Their main function is in housing of small to medium-sized items in secure drawers or in easily accessible, open-top containers.

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A picking trolley is often seen in use in hospital wards or clinics, offering manoeuvrability and easy access to medical supplies for healthcare workers. Our picking trolleys offer strong, durable storage for a variety of supplies, moderately heavy equipment, as well as other items that need to be properly stored, yet still kept nearby and easy to access. The adjustable containers provide you with the flexibility you need to store your items safely and securely, helping you to save money by preserving supplies and finished products from damage and deterioration. The containers may also be easily removed for cleaning, or to be replaced with a different type of container, if desired, making the picking trolley a valuable long-term investment for your business. The solid steel construction and removable containers offer a storage option that is easy to clean and maintain, regardless of the environment. The finish of the picking trolley and its construction are also highly resistant to the majority of industrial solvents, making them an excellent choice for commercial and industrial work settings.

Picking trolleys are impervious to mildew, mould and other pollutants that they may come into contact with through their use. Picking trolleys are also resistant to many types of weather, including sun, wind, and damage from rain or flooding. They are also unaffected by temperature changes and can tolerate high and low extremes with ease. Our picking trolleys are available in different styles and options, including order picking trolleys, both with and without steps. We also have a height picking trolley and a tilt picking trolley, each with angled containers, for more ease in selection and filling. Picking trolleys are offered in a range of heights, and the drop-in containers may be custom purchased to suit your needs. Picking trolleys can hold weight safely up to 150kg, which equals about 50kg for each tray level. Their ability to safely hold heavy loads and to be used in the transport of these items makes them a safe choice for your industrial or commercial needs, as well as retail, educational and healthcare environments.

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