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Panel Trolleys

Panel Trolleys are specifically designed for transporting large sheet materials. Constructed from heavy-duty tubular steel and coated with a protective finish, they feature a solid base with upright tubes or panels connected to the trolley, which allow you to move sheets of plywood, drywall or panelling. They also work well when used to move doors, windows, or other construction and renovation materials. Panel Trolleys are available in a range of styles and sizes, which can be used in a variety of situations for transporting materials. Their manoeuvrability makes them useful for navigating construction sites, industrial environments, as well as warehouses.

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Panel trolleys feature a solid, durable construction, which is capable of holding the weight of large pieces of flat construction and production material. They are most frequently used for transporting large sheeting materials, such as plywood, MDF sheets, and panelling, as well as being used to move stacks of long building materials, such as boards. Panel trolleys are also useful for moving construction and renovation materials, including doors and windows. They are often seen in retail environments, including home improvement stores or those that sell large, bulky items, such as mattresses. The strong steel framework and swivel castors make handling a panel trolley quick and easy. Panel trolleys also lessen the risk of damage to materials during the transportation process, as well as reducing the chance of injury to the individual moving oversized or heavy items. Panel trolleys are available in a wide range of styles and sizes to suit your different needs. They may sometimes feature mesh panelling or extra steel framework along the sides, helping to secure larger pieces of sheeting or to increase the volume of material they can transport. Many panel trolleys also have straps or fasteners to help secure the materials being moved, which reduces the risk of damage or injury from items shifting suddenly.

Panel trolleys are used in a variety of environments to move products, building materials, or stock. Their ability to manoeuvre easily makes them a good choice for warehouses, whether it is for transporting materials for production, or solely for storage. Industrial work environments in general, from machine shops to assembly lines, also make use of these flexible panel trolleys to move and hold materials for building. Building construction sites often use panel trolleys for handling materials, and the ability to transport multiple sheets of drywall or panelling together saves time and money on a job site. Panel trolleys are also useful in school environments, moving folding tables, unassembled stage pieces, and other large flat pieces that would require two or more people to lift and transport. Using panel trolleys to move materials is also safer and helps to reduce costs.

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