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A general trolley includes any of several trolleys and trucks used for handling materials, transportation, and storage. Service trucks, box, basket, maintenance trolley cupboards, and specialised trolleys for moving everything from kegs to carpets, are just some types of General Trolleys available. There are also General Trolleys with special features and requirements, suitable for particular jobs. General Trolleys are used in almost every work setting, from industrial and commercial operations to retail stores, hospitals, schools, hospitality, as well as many private operations. They are easy to take care of and are also strong, constructed of steel and other durable materials.

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General trolleys are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, with designs reflecting their intended use. They are used to transport goods to and from work sites, for delivering items, for collecting or picking, as well as serving full-time functions in a variety of work environments. Service trucks, complete with shelves, are made from heavy-duty polyethylene. They are easy to manoeuvre around warehouses, commercial kitchens, and industrial work sites. They may have basic, smooth-top shelves or deep tray shelves. Box trolleys fold flat and are suitable for collecting and picking jobs, transporting tools or products from place to place, and for general mobile storage. Basket trolleys are a staple of supermarkets and shops, and their strong tubular framework and metal basket are durable enough to withstand frequent use in these types of environments.

Maintenance trolleys are mobile cupboards and feature drawers and cabinets for storing a multitude of small items. These versatile trolleys are often seen in hospitals and clinics, as their drawer-and-cupboard design provides plenty of space for storing first aid materials, medications, and other medical supplies, which need to be close to hand. They are also highly mobile, making it easy to roll them out of the way until they are needed. Many specialised trolleys are also available, with designs specific to handling various jobs, improving production and services through their ease of use.

Keg trolleys, carpet, and beam trolleys are designed to handle a specific type of product or material. Folding trolleys and sack trucks are designed for transporting heavy items, for loading and unloading from transport, and for manoeuvring items around stockrooms and warehouses. Wire trolleys, often seen in office environments and mail rooms, are used to move office supplies and other packages, as well as to temporarily store paperwork, envelopes and packages. General trolleys are useful in almost every work environment, from industrial shops and warehouses to office mail rooms and stockrooms, shops, commercial kitchens, schools, and hospitals, as well as in the hospitality industry. Whether used for basic storage or for transporting stock or supplies, general trolleys are flexible, durable, and reliable.

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