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Plastic Pallets

Lightweight yet durable, our Plastic Pallets are available with a variety of design features and options. Ideal for use in warehouses, storerooms, and hauling trailers, our Plastic Pallets are compatible with a range of moving equipment, including hand trucks, forklifts, and conveyors. Capable of holding up to 1,000kg, Plastic Pallets are resistant to many forms of environmental and physical damage. Plastic Pallets are also well suited to outdoor projects and open-air storage as they are resistant to any weather damage. Their durability and reusability mean they can be used for longer, improving safety and efficiency, as well as saving money.

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Plastic pallets offer a space-saving alternative to metal or wooden pallets. These pallets are stackable and storable when they are not in use. Their lightweight construction makes them easy to move and transport, and their strength and versatility make them a valuable piece of equipment for both commercial and industrial companies. These plastic pallets are especially suited for use in the transportation industry, such as on-road hauling and air cargo, due to their light construction and ability to withstand cold temperatures. The sturdy construction and smooth finish of plastic pallets gives them a barrier that is highly resistant to damage of any kind. Most solvents and harsh chemicals will do little or no damage to plastic pallets, and they are also resistant to mildew and mould issues, as well as to the intrusion of insects and other pests. Plastic pallets are also very easy to clean and sanitise. With their ability to withstand extremes of temperature, plastic pallets can be effectively cleaned with steam, making them suitable even for food applications. They are also weather resistant, capable of withstanding heat, cold, wind, rain, and other extremes of weather. This makes plastic pallets safe for outdoor storage, with their solid construction withstanding the effects of bad weather.

Plastic pallets are available to accommodate various weight capacities and volumes. They are all compatible with a range of different hand trucks, forklifts, and cargo conveyors, so industrial warehouses and commercial stockrooms, air cargo transport and hauling trailers can all use plastic pallets in their day-to-day operations. Their strength and resilience help to improve the safety of the operation they are being used for and ensure that they can be reused for future products, which saves on production costs in the short and long term. Our selection of plastic pallets, including our heavy-duty pallets, as well as the other types of tools and equipment we have available, will help you improve your industrial or commercial business safety and productivity. Whether they are used for long-term storage, or short-term storage and transportation, plastic pallets offer flexibility, strength and cost-savings for your business.

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