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Pallet Accessories

Pallet Accessories include a variety of items used in conjunction with pallets, including scales and pallet feet. Crafted from durable metal and cast iron, these Pallet Accessories are highly mobile and convenient for use by a single operator. Portable beam scales and mobile pallet weighing scales are the most common types of scales. They are both easy to move and manoeuvre, which allows you to bring the scale to the pallet, to record accurate weight measurements. Pallet feet are usually round or square in shape, made of steel, and are attached to the bottom of the pallet for easy transportation.

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The category of pallet accessories encompasses those tools used for the measurement or support of pallets - this includes mobile pallet weighing scales, portable beam scales, and also pallet feet. These accessories are used to enhance the usability of pallets, as well as to measure weight, and to ensure the safety of the work environment when using pallets, pallet trucks, and other equipment.

Mobile pallet weighing scales combine the ease of transport with a weighing capability. Featuring forks and a pallet truck design, mobile pallet weighing scales can take the scale to the load. Forks are easily slipped underneath the pallet, and the weight can then be measured as the pallet is moved. Mobile pallet weighing scales are constructed of heavy-duty steel, making them strong and durable enough to withstand regular use in warehouses, industrial, and commercial work environments.

Portable beam scales are another option and are the most popular means of measuring pallet weight. These scales are highly portable and easy to handle, so even a single operator can conveniently use them to measure the weight of a pallet. Portable beam scales are made of heavy-duty materials, such as cast iron, making them a durable and long-lasting choice for regular weighing needs. Portable beam scales also store efficiently, saving space and making the work environment safer.

Pallet feet, either round or square, are cast and moulded to fit pallets exactly. They attach to the bottom of a pallet, improving the balance and support as it is being moved, making it easier to transport. The choice of pallet foot type will vary, depending on the type of pallet support needed, and on the design of the pallet itself, as well as the material from which it is constructed. A range of pallet accessories, including pallet scales and pallet legs, are available, as well as other tools and equipment to compliment and enhance the function of the scales and pallet feet. Whatever the commercial or industrial needs you may have, you can find pallet accessories that will help you improve and sustain your productivity safely and effectively.

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