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Heavy Duty Pallet Trucks

Also known as pallet jacks or jiggers, pallet trucks are primarily used for lifting and manoeuvring pallets which are heavily loaded with freight. Suitable for moving standard-sized pallets, pallet trucks are frequently used in shops and warehouses because they are simple machines with a low hazard factor. Considered the most basic kind of forklift, pallet trucks are available in manual and electronic versions, with both involving a hydraulic or pneumatic pump to control the jack. Pallet trucks often work as a supplemental machine in a warehouse, used to move pallet loads when heavier machines are unable to manoeuvre as easily.

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Pallet trucks feature a welded steel plate construction that is virtually maintenance free. Resistant to environmental factors, they will work under a variety of weather conditions, including extreme heat and cold, wind and rain. The wheels feature a steel core with a polyurethane, nylon, or rubber exterior covering, for superior durability and traction. Pallet trucks have four wheels - the load wheels, which are the two on the front, are positioned on the truck’s forks. The larger wheels, on either side of the handle, are capable of swivelling, to steer. The position and functions of the wheels allow the pallet truck operator to manoeuvre the pallet truck and navigate terrain easily. Manoeuvrability is a hallmark of the pallet truck, which is reflected in the design of the handle. Constructed with a strong base and spring-loaded mechanism, the handle typically features a lever with three positions - these are Lift, Driving, and Lowering. The spring-loaded mechanism automatically returns the handle to the upright position when not in use.

Manual pallet trucks require the operator simply to power the jack and manoeuvre it. For heavier loads or repetitive loading, heavy-duty pallet trucks, powered by electronic motors, are used. Pallet trucks have load-carrying ranges from 1,000lb to 15,000lb. Heavy-duty pallet trucks often have additional components to help the operator safely control the pallet truck and transport heavy or bulky loads. Pallet trucks are available with a variety of specialised features. Single-fork pallet trucks may be used for moving irregular and bulky objects. Low-profile pallet trucks have forks that sit lower than the average pallet truck, which makes them suitable for transporting pallets with a low clearance height.

Pallet trucks, including the heavy-duty versions that are available, offer you a safe and reliable way to transport heavy materials and products. Pallet trucks also assist with relocating materials within your business, moving large loads of supplies or finished products and assisting with their storage. Together with the complimentary tools and equipment available, pallet trucks are available to suit the individual needs of your industrial or commercial business.

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