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Convenient and safe, scissor tables and scissor lifts bring work up to a proper level, lifting heavy equipment and materials to a height that is easier to work on. Machinery and tools, as well as production materials, may be raised up with a scissor table or scissor lift. Scissor tables and lifts are available in varied styles and designs, including the single, double, and triple leg. The weight capacity varies, with some of our available scissor tables and lifts able to lift and hold up to 2,000kg safely and effectively. Scissor tables and scissor lifts have rectangular or U-shaped tops.

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Scissor tables and lifts are used for lifting heavy equipment, tools, and materials, up to a designated height. The height may be only a few metres off the ground, or several metres and the type of scissor table or lift used will depend on how high the items need to go. Scissor tables and lifts are often used in warehouses and industrial work environments, as well as commercial sites. Shops often make use of them in their stockrooms, as well as for stocking shelves. The structure and design of scissor tables and lifts consists of a rectangular base, at least one set of scissor legs that can be raised and lowered, and a rectangular table. Tables and lifts are categorised as single, double, or triple, based on the number of pairs of scissor legs they have. Single scissor tables and lifts come up to an average worktable size and may also be low-profile in design. Double and triple sizes can go up to heights in excess of three metres. Strong and durable, they are capable of lifting heavy weights, some up to as much as 2,000kg.

These machines are available with three different power options - mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic. Mechanical tables and lifts offer extremely accurate positioning abilities. Mechanical scissor tables and lifts can be more expensive than models with other power options, but they are well suited for use in environmentally-sensitive work sites, such as in clean rooms, or when working around hazardous materials. Pneumatic tables and lifts are highly economical, as they use only the shop air to operate the compressor and generate lift. Pneumatic lifts are ideal for explosion-proof jobs as there is no risk of sparks of some kind igniting materials in use or in the air. The most popular and economical options are hydraulic tables and lifts. The torque and force on these machines are very well regulated, allowing these machines to maintain a steady and reliable ability to work through a variety of jobs over long periods of time.

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