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In many industries, there are time-consuming tasks that employees don’t look forward to completing. Strapping materials into a hoist for transporting is one such task, but with the right equipment, it can be far easier. Our chain hoists are lifting tools that can be suspended from a jib, using a hook. Another hook is then used to secure the hoist to the object being lifted, and it is then raised to the required height. Many businesses favour ratchets and chains over alternative tools because they are portable and can also be adapted to suit many different types of work settings.

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Our ratchets and chains are frequently used in the automotive industry to shift heavy components, in manufacturing, and also in any other workplaces where it is necessary to move diverse loads in a restricted area. The Medium Duty Hand Chain Hoist has been specially designed to need very little effort by the user and is also a safe piece of equipment. Customers can select from our range of load-bearing capacities to ensure that they get exactly the right hoist for their premises. Our PT Ratchet Lever Hoist is usually put to use when a member of staff needs to lift a load higher than in normal circumstances. As it reaches the place where the operator is standing, they can begin to use the ratchet lever and perform the necessary task with ease. Many industries use lever hoists to pull, to tension, and to place loads, even in a horizontal motion. The Handy Ratchet Lever Hoist is one of the smallest models on the market and is used in a range of professional environments. In the motor trade, the production and service industries, the low weight of this hoist, combined with its compact shape, make it just right for tackling loads in smaller workspaces. It is easy to use because the shortened lever is shaped to feel comfortable under the hand, and the free chain means that attaching and detaching loads is a smooth operation. When you work in a small warehouse or factory but still have significant lifting needs, this is a perfect choice. It is robust enough to handle daily use and simple to operate, but small enough to fit into a tool box at the end of the day. UNO Budget Ratchet Lever Hoist is an extremely versatile piece of equipment that will make light work of lashing loads, lifting and pulling. The design is conveniently compact and the secure steel construction will ensure it serves your business well for many years to come. Every product in our ratchets and chains section is engineered and manufactured to provide the highest possible standards of resistance and reliability, even in the toughest of workplaces.

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