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Pallet Lifters & Movers

If you are running a retail outlet or some form of industrial operation, then one of our hardwearing pallet lifters and movers will make a great addition to your workplace. They can be used to handle any materials, boosting efficiency and keeping staff safe from strain injuries. Once stacked on a pallet, goods can be moved efficiently to and from a delivery bay or lorry. Large industries and more modest workshops can both find the right model for their premises from our range of pallet lifters and movers. From mini stackers to heavy-duty, power-assisted lifters, we have everything you need.

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When you want a warehouse or factory floor to run smoothly from the beginning to the end of each process, our pallet lifters and movers can play a key role. The parts for the products you make, or the ingredients to maintain your food production lines are vital, so keep efficiency levels high by ensuring that each person has what they need for their specific task. Our Fixed Fork Winch Stacker features a unique winch design, making it safer to load and offload goods. Both lifting and lowering are performed by hand, with little effort needed by the user. The stacker has four wheels for manoeuvring around corners and along aisles - two wheels are rigid and two swivel, as the user changes direction. For customers who routinely need to unload pallets from Europe or further afield, our Adjustable Fork Winch Stackers enable you to deal with sizes that do not match UK standards. The handy piece of equipment offers a universal solution in any workplace that has to manage a variety of goods. For companies which regularly have to manage jobs involving more significant loads, the Heavy Duty Powered Lifting and Stacking Trucks can take all the effort out of the task. They can be used in locations like factory floors or retail warehouses where larger loads are the norm and smaller stackers are just not up to the job. These powerful transporters are capable of picking up, and then placing excessive loads with ease. However, they are manoeuvrable enough to get each batch into exactly the right spot and help staff maintain an ordered workspace. In a situation where smaller loads need to be shifted around frequently, the Mini Stacker with Manual Lift is an ideal tool. It can be used in hotels to deliver goods to different sections, at a printer’s shop for transporting books or newspapers, and anywhere else where smaller items need to be moved manually. This stacker has a huge variety of applications and won’t present a hazard; it safeguards staff from back injuries and has brakes on the rear castors to prevent rolling.

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