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Lifting Tables & Work Positioners

Our lifting tables and work positioners serve a range of functions in workshops or on factory floors. Work positioners are used instead of a permanent work surface, where installation of a fixed unit is not possible – perhaps when a member of staff is working outside or is restricted to a part of the warehouse where there are no suitable surfaces. Lifting tables provide the same functionality as work positioners, but can also be used to raise tools or materials that are not safe to be lifted manually. Most can be adjusted to various heights, to suit everyone on your team.

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If you run or own a business, you need a range of daily tasks to be performed efficiently, but also as safely as possible. When you are looking for equipment to assist you with daily jobs, our lifting tables and work positioners are ideal. We have both manual and electrical models, as well as accessories that add an extra touch of utility. When you or your staff members need help with the job of lifting from the ground to above shoulder height, our Economy Work Positioners - Electric Lift can take the strain. These positioners are both lightweight and sleek, so they are easy to move around a workspace. When they are pushed between jobs or stored away, the two braked castors and two swivel castors provide smooth running on each journey. As an added precaution, these units feature automatic overload protection to further safeguard your team, and a sealed battery with a charger for maintenance-free use. Our Economy Work Positioners - Manual Lift is operated via a winch and has an automated braking system for increased security. Designed to assist with many different types of lifting job, this makes it the perfect addition to retail outlets, kitchens, laboratories, and food processing plants. Alongside these positioners, we also provide accessories for more specialised tasks. The Fork Truck Work Platforms can be used as a raised platform, offering a stable base from which people can work. They have a mesh backing so that the forklift driver can see exactly what’s going on, communicate with the user effectively despite the distance between them, and react when necessary. Intended, in the main, for exceptional circumstances, this platform can be brought in for on-the-spot maintenance jobs such as plugging a leak or changing a bulb. Once a team member is in position, they’ll need somewhere to store their tools so that their hands are free to get on with the task. Our Fork Truck Work Platform - Tool Tray is an ideal add-on, hooking over the side of the platform as needed, these are perfect for any kind of trades people and maintenance engineers.

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