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For raising and moving heavy loads, our Handling Slings are ideal. These extremely robust lifting tools can cope with weights of several tonnes and above, so can be used instead of chains or wires. They provide strength and flexibility but are also far gentler on a load than metal equipment can be. Handling Slings are popular in any industry that uses cranes, from transportation to manufacturing and rigging. Each of the products in our range can be purchased with different maximum lifting weights. So, have a look through what we have on offer and find the right product for you.

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Buying Guide

Our Standard Flat Belt Slings, which are sometimes known as lifting straps or lifting slings, are made from a single length of double-ply polyester. This synthetic material is lightweight, economical and sturdy. There are many benefits to having a fabric sling in your workplace. They are much softer to the touch than the metal alternatives and are far less likely to damage your stock while it's in transit. They are also safer to use for operators, who can avoid the kind of injuries that are sometimes caused by frayed wires and impacts. Our Endless Slings offer the same benefits but are specifically designed for the safe manoeuvring of round or greasy objects, which need to be carried with basket or choker hitches to remain secure. Our slings are colour-coded to signpost their capacity, so you’ll always be able to tell at a glance what the load bearing weight is. Industry professionals know that it’s not just about moving a load from one place to another, but taking careful control over how the procedure progresses, right from the start. To help you achieve this, we have Claw Hook Load Control Straps. The load control straps can be adjusted manually, in small steps, to prevent strain injuries to the user. Made from 100% polyester, this lashing tool is both robust and soft, so even fragile goods are not damaged in transit. Steel drums need particular attention during movement and handling, which is why we have the Drum Handling Sling. This specially designed piece of equipment is made with heavy-duty chains and a shortening clutch, enabling users to adjust the length of the sling. If you need to pick up a metal drum from above, the Drum Handling Slings - Grab Unit will get the job done with no problem. This unit will enable your staff to perform quick loading procedures that are also gentle on the materials being handled. The drum will remain upright during the entire lift, meaning that the type of injuries and spills which could occur during the working day, are far less likely.

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