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Forks and cranes are pieces of lifting equipment that can be combined to produce a versatile tool. They are used to lift heavy equipment or pallets in compact warehouse areas, or on a factory floor where a forklift truck cannot easily reach. These units will enable your staff to shift large amounts of materials quickly and safely, without putting themselves at risk of injury. The forks slot into palletied goods and can be adjusted to fit different widths; or, the fork can be mounted with a jib that supports a hook for lifting, and can act as a mobile crane.

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We have a wide selection in stock, along with accessories such as Fork Extensions for dealing with wider loads, so that our customers can find the perfect forks and cranes for their needs. Our Easi-Lift Stacking Trucks are halfway between a forklift truck and a pallet truck. They are more cost-effective than a forklift but provide substantial lifting power, and are easier to store away when not in use. Our stacking trucks have a range of specialist features - from manual straddles for more precision lifting - to power-lift stackers which make light work of bigger loads, and also manual stackers for general use. For lifting a load from above rather than below or for when forks cannot be placed under a load, we have our Fork Mounted Jib With Hook and Shackle. There is also an extendable version, providing an extra reaching distance which enables you to stack over a wider area. When not in use, the extra length can be retracted to save on space. Our Fork Mounted Hooks and Fork Mounted Cross Beam Jib are attached to the forks of a truck and used for a wide range of different lifting applications. They won’t affect the performance of the truck in any way or damage the forks. Choose to lift at a right angle to the truck where necessary, or use it to support a load that runs alongside the truck if that’s what is needed. Our forks and cranes come in many variants, and we only stock the most reliable products which get the job done every time for our customers. When you need a robust solution for lifting, stackers are designed to be a versatile piece of equipment. They are simple to use and will raise loads quickly to a height decided by the operator. If your warehouse has large amounts of stock, these trucks are perfect for stacking it in pallets, organising the area and clearing space for use. They can also be used to shift heavy materials, including fragile items and place them down carefully on a surface where they are next needed.

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