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Industrial & Heavy Duty Trucks

We have a range of trolleys, trucks, and wheelbarrows for use in a variety of applications. Our industrial and heavy-duty trucks are labour-saving devices, ideal for transportation in warehouses, offices, workshops and retail outlets. When you use a truck to take the strain, the cart or container it supports will manage the weight of any objects placed inside, whether it's paperwork, components, or tools. The load can then be moved between floors or departments in a safe, easy and efficient manner. All our products follow British Standards (BS) and International Standards (EN) of product safety, meaning that you can buy from us with confidence.

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Buying Guide

Our trucks are useful in a multitude of workplaces and situations. Some, such as the Mesh Sided Truck, are available to buy in five different types. You can select a truck with one open end, which makes it easier to load, a truck with three mesh sides to hold items more securely, or you can choose from others with four mesh sides or two mesh ends. Our Distribution Trucks are built to last and have a wire mesh square for arranging packages and boxes. If you need to move large, solid sheets of wood or board around a factory floor, the LoadAll Board Trolley is ideal. The central frame is constructed to be load-bearing and the four castors make it easy to navigate through doors and around corners. Moving different lengths of piping can be a challenge, but with a Pipe Rack you can transport each item in an organised and secure way. You can even choose between two different load capacities to suit your specific type of work. The Single Axle Bulk Load Trucks take the strain when you need to move goods across an uneven surface. With a set of four generously cushioned wheels, it is easy to manoeuvre and comes in a range of sizes and styles. The wheelbarrows in our robust industrial and heavy-duty trucks range have wide, soft tyres and are designed to minimise the effort needed to shift loads. These are gentle on grassed areas but tough on concrete and stony patches. To add extra utility to one of the wheelbarrows from our range, you can choose accessories such as the H2Go bag for moving water around on farms or construction sites where there is no hosepipe. This item folds down to a manageable size when it’s not needed, so it can be tucked away for storage. Barrow Bags are also available for moving agricultural or industrial goods without the product making contact with your barrow. They are designed especially for the purpose of being loaded onto a barrow, and have a slimline profile for moving through narrow gates, outdoor pathways and internal doorways.

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