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Heavy Duty Shelf Trucks

Our heavy-duty shelf trucks, a popular and versatile favourite in a variety of industries, can simplify many different processes. When you need to transport items between stores and warehouses, the shelf truck can provide a solution that works well in both environments. It is tough enough to withstand the knocks and bumps of a busy workplace but also refined in appearance and easy to navigate through the narrow aisles of a store. With four castors as standard, getting around corners is no problem, and the robust shelves make it simple to pick up and drop off a variety of items.

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Our heavy-duty shelf trucks are designed for use in a variety of situations. They perform well when kept in daily use and are the ideal solution for workshops, warehouse and factories when lots of different materials are distributed. The mesh sides ensure that transported goods do not slip off or fall once they are on the move. If you need a more open design, your team can use our Heavy-Duty Distribution Truck to stack boxes, large components, or taller goods, and then move them around. The same model is also available with shelves so that items can be separated before delivery to their required destination. Our smaller Steel Shelf Trucks have many applications in the health and education sector. Their two fixed wheels and two swivel wheels mean that they are easy to push on smooth floors and can be manoeuvred around corridors with ease. Each shelf is made with a lip to prevent smaller items or documents from falling. For our customers who need a flexible unit that fits in well with the changing needs of their business, the Adjustable Shelf Trucks will be perfect. These trucks can be used in a variety of commercial applications to store work that is still in progress, and to transport it between different areas. To reduce the type of back injuries associated with repeated lifting, use one or more of our Plated Steel Tier Trucks in your workplace. These are just right for busy offices that need regular deliveries of paperwork and other supplies. To protect your paintwork and door frames from knocks and damage, these trucks are designed to have an all-round buffering action, with smoothed-off sides and no sharp corners. Our Five Tier Shelf Trucks can be used as a movable storage unit and will fit neatly into any available space. The five tiers offer plenty of space in which to store goods, and the outer lip will prevent anything from sliding off. To make this larger unit as easy to push around as the smaller heavy-duty shelf trucks, there is a helpful push bar feature between the third and fourth shelves.

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