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Heavy Duty Sack Trucks

All employers want to safeguard their workforce from experiencing pulled muscles or ligaments. One of the best ways to do this is by ensuring that they use proper lifting techniques. Sack trucks can prevent harm to workers from heavy lifting. They are simple to use and are designed to carry all types of packages and supplies. If you give people the right equipment for their tasks, you are substantially reducing chances of injury. Our heavy-duty sack trucks can play an important role in getting a range of jobs done in an efficient and safe way, without the loss of productivity.

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1000 x 400 x 420 mm(1)
1000 x 490 x 450 mm(1)
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1055 x 575 x 875 mm(1)
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1065 x 480 mm(1)
1090 x 412 x 406 mm(1)
1090 x 470 x 720 mm(1)
1100 x 420 mm(1)
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1130 x 540 mm(1)
1140 x 585 mm(1)
1150 x 580 x 440 mm(1)
1150 x 595 x 665 mm(1)
1150 x 595 x 810 mm(1)
1160 x 580 x 600 mm(1)
1160 x 605 x 795 mm(1)
1168 x 495 mm(1)
1180 mm(1)
1180 x 580 x 555 mm(1)
1220 x 480 mm(1)
1255 x 620 x 600 mm(1)
1260 mm(1)
1260 x 430 mm(1)
1280 x 470 mm(1)
1280 x 540 x 515 mm(1)
1290 x 470 x 450 mm(1)
1300 mm(1)
1310 x 470 x 610 mm(1)
1310 x 560 mm(1)
1320 x 480 x 630 mm(1)
1350 x 580 x 440 mm(1)
1370 mm(3)
330 x 395 mm(1)
355 x 305 mm(1)
355 x 450 mm(1)
390 x 230 mm(1)
390 x 390 x 1175 mm(1)
395 x 305 mm(1)
395 x 450 mm(1)
410 x 255 mm(1)
410 x 320 mm(1)
680 mm(1)
960 mm(1)
Anodised Aluminium(2)
Tubular Steel(1)

Buying Guide

To ensure that our customers can find the right sack truck for their needs, we have several models available. These all have different weight-bearing capabilities and come with a variety of special features. They are versatile and tough enough to withstand daily use in a range of commercial environments, including retail outlets, factories and warehouses. Our Traditional Sack Trucks are solid pieces of kit which will perform well in all types of work environment. The handle grips are positioned for comfort and ease of use, while the large wheels provide great grip on rough surfaces. A Cargo Sack Trolley provides the utility of two different trucks combined into one cleverly-manufactured unit. This space-saving option can be used as a regular sack trolley or quickly converted for use as a cargo trolley. In the cargo truck form, it has four wheels; two are swivel castors and two are pneumatic wheels, built for tough, repeated use. If your workshop needs both these types of trucks but you’re short of space, this is the only solution you’ll need. Our Light Duty Folding Sack Trucks are another space-saving product and can be purchased with a telescopic handle, for added utility. For customers seeking a robust option which is resistant to rust, we have Galvanised Standard Sack Trucks. These units feature protective, hooped handles to protect the user’s knuckles from being knocked whilst they are concentrating on the task. We also have accessories such as the Load Retaining Strap for Sack Trucks, used for the secure holding of loads when in transit. If your premises, or parts of it, are only accessible by stairs, the Armorgard Stair Climber Sack Truck will enable staff to take goods up and down stairs and steps, with a minimum of effort. Even bulkier items or those that are especially fragile are a suitable cargo and can be transported with confidence. When you have the right equipment for the job, everyday procedures can be carried out faster and safer. Moving goods around on a busy factory floor, or between facilities, is a simple task with one of our heavy-duty sack trucks.

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