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Heavy Duty Platform Trucks

Our heavy-duty platform trucks offer you an effective way to protect operators from the risk of strain or injury when they are transporting goods. A platform truck can help your team to move almost any type of goods that can be placed on its deck. They are a popular choice in many industrial settings, especially those dealing with small to medium-sized loads. These trucks are designed with the user in mind, are easy to move in small spaces, and can be successfully manoeuvred around shelving, doorways, and corners. Our sturdy trucks reduce transportation times and help you to increase productivity.

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1780 x 700 x 1200 mm(1)
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700 x 1000 mm(2)
830 x 470 x 730 mm(1)
860 x 590 x 880 mm(1)
880 x 610 x 910 mm(1)
900 x 560 x 870 mm(1)
930 x 440 x 760 mm(1)
960 x 420 x 725 mm(1)
985 x 600 x 1000 mm(2)
985 x 725 x 1085 mm(2)
985 x 725 x 1145 mm(2)
985 x 800 x 1200 mm(2)
985 x 825 x 1085 mm(1)
985 x 825 x 1145 mm(1)
985 x 825 x 1285 mm(1)
985 x 825 x 1345 mm(1)
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Buying Guide

With one of our heavy-duty platform trucks, you won't need to worry about the risks involved with your team members carrying fragile or expensive items from one department to another during the working day. By loading items like paper work, components or food products onto a platform truck, just one member of staff can carry out faster deliveries across larger buildings. Cage carts are ideal if the goods carried are likely to slip, and the design of the shelf truck will keep items which might bump into each other during the journey, separate during their transit. Heavy-duty platform trucks are available to buy in multiple units, so you can keep an entire team busy throughout the day. They are an affordable solution for companies that regularly distribute products, parts, or documents around a workplace and need a way to keep production flowing efficiently. For a more lightweight option, we have our Plastic Platform Truck, which is a great choice, and would suit an office, medical, or educational environment. It is strong enough to take on a variety of tasks but also has rounded corners to prevent bumps and scrapes if it comes into contact with paintwork. For carrying awkward or heavy loads over short distances, we have sack trucks, which ensure a smooth-running process. These are easy to operate and have soft tyres so that fragile goods can be shifted without sudden jolts causing them any damage. Sack trucks are an invaluable tool in any environment where goods may need to be shifted quickly, such as in schools, hospitals, municipal buildings, and libraries. For convenience, they can be stored away when not in use and then brought out when needed. The Cash & Carry Nestable Trolley with its front basket is invaluable in premises where smaller items, such as mail, cash, or documents, need to be transported through premises at the same time as larger goods. The trolleys can be nested together when not needed, saving space. These trucks are designed to remain stable while carrying a load and are robust enough to serve your company for many years.

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