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Container Trucks & Trolleys

Container trucks and trolleys come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, and at Welco, we offer them all. Whether you are looking for a simple, tapered sided truck or something a little more complex, such as a full container storage trolley, we can help. Organisation and ease of use are of the utmost importance when you are in the market for container trucks, but you shouldn’t compromise on safety, durability, or quality, either. Whatever type of container truck you buy from Welco, we can assure you that we offer only the best in large container trucks and trolleys.

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1090 x 765 x 1315 mm(1)
1110 x 500 x 640 mm(1)
1110 x 940 x 640 mm(1)
1355 x 1200 x 600 mm(1)
1355 x 900 x 600 mm(1)
1360 x 1200 x 600 mm(1)
1360 x 900 x 600 mm(1)
1645 x 500 x 640 mm(1)
1655 x 1200 x 600 mm(1)
1655 x 900 x 600 mm(1)
1660 x 1200 x 600 mm(1)
1660 x 900 x 600 mm(1)
1955 x 1200 x 600 mm(1)
1955 x 900 x 600 mm(1)
1960 x 1200 x 600 mm(1)
1960 x 900 x 600 mm(1)
380 x 415 x 575 mm(3)
430 x 460 x 610 mm(3)
480 x 480 mm(1)
495 x 850 mm(1)
515 x 480 x 480 mm(1)
540 x 460 x 685 mm(3)
540 x 650 mm(1)
605 x 380 x 915 mm(3)
610 x 460 x 610 mm(2)
670 x 1000 mm(1)
680 x 540 x 650 mm(1)
695 x 670 x 1000 mm(1)
745 x 460 x 610 mm(3)
760 x 380 x 610 mm(3)
760 x 610 x 915 mm(3)
770 x 480 x 480 mm(1)
775 x 1410 mm(1)
785 x 495 x 850 mm(1)
790 x 775 x 1410 mm(1)
820 x 710 x 1210 mm(1)
840 x 610 x 915 mm(3)
860 x 750 x 1420 mm(1)
925 x 780 x 1180 mm(1)
955 x 780 x 1180 mm(1)
960 x 620 x 960 mm(1)

Our commitment is to provide you with a quality product as well as a pleasant experience. We know that you want to keep your workplace efficient and productive, and you can’t do that without the right material handling products. With one of our trucks you will be able to simplify your movement and containment requirements. We have an array of industrial trucks and trolleys in an assortment of shapes and colours to choose from so you will be able to obtain everything you need to move, ship, or store whilst ensuring your workplace Health and Safety requirements are met. Do you need a plastic platform base truck? We’ve got it. Fitted with sturdy steel wheels, this platform base truck is ideal for providing use over rough ground. Or do you need a secure but visible truck for your workshop? Our open front mesh trucks are a great option. Regardless of your industry, you need to keep your business moving efficiently and safely, and we have the professional-grade material handling products available for you to do just that. This includes a wide variety of trucks from glass fibre containers to 3 way convertibles, trolleys, removable lids, and braked castors, all of which will help to ensure that your workplace or job site stays organised, efficient, and safe. Thanks to our range of top-quality container trucks and accessories, you’ll have no trouble stacking, stowing, and carrying heavy or bulky materials both in your workshop or out in the field. Durable and long-lasting container trucks and trolleys are essential for several applications, whether you’re out on an active construction site or are working on a major home improvement project. If you are unsure about what type of container truck or trolley might be best for your particular purpose, don’t hesitate to contact us. Whether your goal is to keep office supplies tidy, replacement parts accessible, or to move construction items between locations we have the solution.

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