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Spill Control Kits

Our Spill Control Kits are ideal for many messes, including simple spills to leaks, ranging from water to chemicals, sewage, and other hazardous materials. Whether you need something simple, such as sorbent pads, or a mobile container spill kit, Welco can help. We pride ourselves on quality, meaning whatever you purchase from us will comply with the highest standards in spill control. Whether you need to clean up oil, water, chemicals, or other hazardous materials, we’ve got you covered. If you need commercial spill trays, hazardous waste bags, or mini disposable spill kits, we’re here to help you clean up.

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110 x 1050 x 1050 mm(1)
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150 x 1260 x 1660 mm(1)
150 x 800 x 650 mm(1)
150 x 860 x 1260 mm(1)
175 x 630 x 590 mm(1)
220 x 240 mm(1)
2400 x 76 mm(1)
2600 x 76 mm(1)
410 x 510 mm(1)
430 x 480 mm(1)
455 x 610 x 50 mm(2)
460 x 715 x 110 mm(1)
50 x 1200 x 550 mm(1)
550 x 550 x 110 mm(1)
600 x 600 x 0.9 mm(1)
610 x 915 x 50 mm(2)
625 mm(1)
70 x 1415 x 905 mm(1)
70 x 280 x 220 mm(1)
720 x 920 x 175 mm(1)
915 x 1200 x 50 mm(2)
Galvanised Steel(2)

We have a wide range of spill control kits and accessories and are committed to providing our customers with the best for any and all disaster preparedness situations. Our spill control kits come in all sizes and configurations, suitable for both routine maintenance and emergency spill response situations. From economy emergency spill kits for oil and chemical spills to mobile container spill kits that are weather resistant to protect the contents, you can be sure that we have the right spill kit for your industry. Regardless of the spill type that you expect, you can rest assured that we only offer the best-quality products. As someone who works in the construction industry, you will already know just how important health and safety on the job is. Be prepared for emergency spill response by building your professional grade customised spill control kit, choosing from our wide range of high-quality products and accessories. We even have solutions for your on-the-go spill response needs. From economy emergency spill kits to mobile trolley spill kits with internal shelves, we have what it takes to keep your workspace clean and safe. No matter what you are looking for, we are here to help. Spill control kits are necessary for keeping both your employees and the general public clean, safe, and protected. You can customise your own spill control kit, or choose from one of our prefabricated options, all of which offer the perfect solution for job sites, workshops, warehouses, and factory environments. If you are not sure what spill containment and clean-up kits your particular setting needs, feel free to get in touch with us. Whether you are buying for personal or professional use, we are committed to providing you with top-quality material handling products that are compliant with all UK regulations and British Standard guidelines.

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