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Flammable Liquid Cans & Funnels

Depending on your needs and your safety requirements, we offer a wide range of jerry cans and funnels, as well as other accessories, in a variety of sizes and designs. Whether you are searching for a dispensing can, a dip tank, or a plunger can, Welco can help with this. When it comes to flammable liquid cans and funnels, safety should be your top priority. This is why we offer only the best in material handling equipment. You can rest assured that whatever equipment you purchase from us, it has been made to the highest specifications for best possible performance.

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Whether you are looking for an industrial drum pouring funnel, a flammable liquid waste bin, or a new pouring spout, we are here to help you find the equipment you need. Our wide range of jerry cans and funnels are ideal for the temporary storage of flammable liquids, such as kerosene, diesel, and petrol.
Compliant with all UK regulations and British Standard guidelines many of our metal jerry cans are child-resistant and self-venting for safe and easy pouring, with no splash-back. The innovative angled and tapered container design helps to prevent spills and leaks and reduces gas emissions, for maximum safety and performance. An excellent addition is our pouring spout. Also, made from steel, this spout is suitable for diesel, water or petrol and is a great accessory to the steel jerry can. If you regularly work with flammable liquids, we don’t need to remind you of the importance of health and safety, which is why we are proud to offer plenty of professional grade flammable liquid cans and funnels. Our selection includes high-quality bench cans, designed with safety in mind, thanks to their hinged lids and perforated spring-loaded dashers. All our flammable liquid storage containers reduce the risk of combustion. Whatever your flammable liquid storage needs, we are here to help. High-quality jerry cans and funnels are absolutely necessary for the correct storage of flammable liquids for industrial, marine, farm, automotive, and even home use. Constructed from galvanised steel and with a durable, powder coat paint finish, we stand behind our products. If you are not sure which of our flammable liquid cans and funnels might be the right choice for your home or business, check out our full range. Whether you’re making the purchase for professional use, personal use, or on behalf of another group we can accommodate your every need.

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