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Whether you are using storage drums to contain chemicals or hazardous material, or for more general purposes, it is vital that they are correctly stored - failure to stack and store drums properly could lead to accidental damage, leakages, and spillages, as well as to an increased risk of theft and misuse. The type of drum trucks and stands that you choose, will depend on the type of contents and on the environment in which you will be keeping your drums. Some types of storage will be more suitable for your purposes than others.

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At Welco, we aim to give all our customers the freedom to choose products that best suit their workspaces and purpose. Coated with a chemical-resistant, anti-corrosive paint and constructed from durable, 2mm steel plate, the horizontal drum stand is ideal for workshops and warehouses that have extra floor space for storage. Designed specifically to contain spills and leaks, the stand's stump is enclosed on three sides and can be safely stored and stacked. If your workplace is somewhat limited for space, then have a look at our vertical drum stand, which is much better suited to smaller environments. While it is similarly durable, suitable for stacking and transit, and coated in anti-corrosive paint, the vertical stand is also ideal when the contents of each drum could be prone to spillages and leaks, although the sump is designed to contain waste. Our bunded storage racks are perfect for smaller drums and chemical containers, as well as tubs and tins containing all types of materials. Supplied with a sump to catch leaks and spillages, quick and easy to assemble, the rack is both long-lasting and durable. Such storage is perfect for warehouse environments and also in workshops where space is often at a minimum. For those with a little more room to spare, and who may need extra security, the horizontal drum stand with doors and a lid makes for safe and secure storage and handling of all kinds of drums. With its seam welded sump, an ability to be locked either open or closed, and a removable mesh grid deck, this stand is suitable for a variety of uses. All the products included in our drum trucks and stands range, including our replacement polyethylene floor panels and drum truck, are fully compliant with all UK regulations and British Standard guidelines, so you can be assured that they are products you can trust.

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