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Heavy Duty Expanding Conveyors

Expanding conveyors can offer a safer and easier alternative to forklifts when you need to move heavy materials across a wide range of spaces. If you are looking for a heavy duty gravity conveyor system with skate wheels or for one with twin rollers, Welco has exactly what you need. Safety and quality should be your highest priorities for expanding conveyors. When it comes to robust conveyor systems and accessories, we offer you products and equipment of the highest quality, to ensure safety as well as performance. If you need high-quality, Heavy Duty Expanding Conveyors, we are here to help.

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600 x 1080 mm(1)
600 x 1330 mm(1)
600 x 1430 mm(1)
600 x 1760 mm(1)
600 x 1770 mm(1)
600 x 2120 mm(1)
600 x 2190 mm(1)
600 x 2460 mm(1)
600 x 2620 mm(1)
600 x 2810 mm(1)
600 x 3050 mm(1)
600 x 3480 mm(1)
750 x 1080 mm(1)
750 x 1330 mm(1)
750 x 1430 mm(1)
750 x 1760 mm(1)
750 x 1770 mm(1)
750 x 2120 mm(1)
750 x 2190 mm(1)
750 x 2460 mm(1)
750 x 2620 mm(1)
750 x 2810 mm(1)
750 x 3050 mm(1)
750 x 3480 mm(1)
250 kg per linear metre(1)
300 kg per linear metre(1)

We have a wide selection of heavy duty expanding conveyors available and are committed to providing our customers with the best service and products possible. Whether you are looking for a set of connecting brackets for a heavy-duty gravity conveyor system, a castor set, quality, safety and performance should be your priority, and we assure you that we can offer you all three. As someone working in the construction industry or warehouse, you will already know how important the health and safety of your employees is. That’s exactly why we take the quality and craftsmanship of all our expanding conveyor products so seriously. An expanding conveyor system will improve efficiency and keep manual handling down to a minimum. With additional accessories, they can be personalised to withhold loads of up to150kg per roller. These robust conveyors are suitable for a wide range of applications as they can be floor mounted, or held on adjustable stands to aid flexible working. Including, but not limited to, packaging and assembly lines, and loading and unloading containers and trucks. Expanding conveyors are a necessity in many warehouses and on job sites where a forklift just won’t do, and where it doesn’t make sense for workers to carry items back and forth. The heavy duty braked and non-braked swivel castors, fully adjustable legs, drop-down package stop, and ribbed reinforced steel all ensure maximum durability, strength, and performance. The expanding design allows for versatility and easy storage when not in use. If you are not exactly sure which of our heavy duty expanding conveyors are best suited to your needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Whether you’re making the purchase for a home improvement project, professional use, or another application, we are fully committed to providing you with top-quality products that meet all safety requirements.

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