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Many businesses have a need to move items around a workplace. Often this can be achieved efficiently by using a conveyor belt process. Conveyor belts can reduce the need to lift and carry items, something that can lead to accidents or injuries, especially if the items to be moved are heavy or awkward to handle. Businesses that provide packaged goods can improve the efficiency of their business by investing in a conveyor belt system that will speed up the transport of goods through the workplace. Purchasing products that have been especially designed for conveyor belt systems will keep goods moving.

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Buying Guide

Our conveyor accessories have been especially designed to help you create an efficient and reliable conveyor belt system. Our conveyor stands provide support for conveyor tracks. The stand’s height can be adjusted so that the conveyor belt is at the optimum height for working. Each stand has a rectangular hollow section with telescopic legs and a screwed foot. The stand provides flexibility in that it can be adjusted to any height between the minimum and maximum support heights. The stands are also fitted with a special clamp plate, which enables the angle of the stand to be changed if required. When using the stands it is important to follow the installation process. A track should be supported at specified intervals and at every junction. A support is always required in the middle of a bend and heavy stationary loads may require extra supports
Our high quality ball table and stand for conveyors allows movement of a load in any direction. The ball unit is secured with a claw grip. Our ball tables can be used to easily manually rotate, reposition or remove flat-bottomed products. The tables may be used on the floor as either stand-alone tables or they may be inserted into non-powered conveyor systems. Using a ball table makes it easier for employees to manoeuvre items and so improves efficiency. They can also be useful for transferring items from one line to another. We have a range of gravity roller conveyors that are ideal either for manual handling of items or as stand-alone lines. Conveyors reduce the need to manually handle goods and this increases workflow and productivity. The conveyors are easy to install and as they have minimal moving parts they are easy to maintain. The framework is made from powder-coated zinc and the roller tubes are zinc plated for durability. As no power is required, these conveyors also save on energy costs.

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