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Conveyor belts are an ideal way of transporting large quantities of goods across the workplace. They are particularly useful if you have a regular flow of items continually being moved from one point to another.

The advantage of conveyor systems is that goods can be removed and replaced at any point in the chain. They can be worked on or added to before being moved on to the next stage of the process. It is easy to monitor their journey from beginning to end.

Welco offers an easy to install custom conveyor system, which can be ordered to your exact specifications.

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Buying Guide

Our conveyors are gravity powered, which means that they do not need an external energy source or batteries. This saves on costs and makes the conveyors easier to install, as well as being more environmentally friendly. Gravity-powered conveyor systems are also safer to operate.

If you have an existing conveyor system, it's easy to integrate our gravity conveyors into your current layout. Our anti-friction rollers allow for easy movement of items, especially when used in conjunction with our smooth-bottomed plastic containers or steel totes.

A conveyor system can increase productivity by reducing the need for manual handling. The chance of human error and of interruption to the workflow is also much less likely to happen. A conveyor system foregrounds the assembly process and emphasises the need for individual tasks to be integrated together in the correct order.

Our range includes fully adjustable conveyor support stands with telescopic legs. The number of support stands that your conveyor system will require depends on the weight of the loads that it will be supporting, as well as the length and layout of the track. A bend in the track, for instance, will always require additional support.

Other accessories include separate ball table units that allow for the free movement of goods in any direction, 180-degree wheel bends and 90-degree corner bends. Replacement rollers are also available, as well as spring-balanced gates that can fit into your conveyor network as needed.

We will always be happy to advise you on the installation of your conveyor system, and our team will work together with you to ensure that we can provide you with a conveyor setup that perfectly matches your requirements.

We have several conveyor systems that are designed to bear different weights. Our lightest and most economical model is the ZTL20, while next up is the ZTL30 which has a higher capacity per roller.

The ZTM45 conveyor can support even more weight per roller and has a slightly larger depth of frame than the ZTL models. For large, heavy duty loads, our CTH100 and CTH150 have the capacity to keep your work processes running.

Finally, our heavy duty expanding conveyor can carry the heaviest loads. This adjustable workhorse is the top of the range model for the transportation of serious loads on a regular or occasional basis, from one part of your site to another.

Choosing whether to install a conveyor system in your workplace is a big decision. Making sure that you have the right conveyor system for your purposes is essential if you want to maximise productivity, keep to your budget and ensure the safety of your workers.

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