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The storage and transportation of items in the workplace is often an important part of what a business does. It will operate most efficiently if it has a storage system that makes it easy to locate items, move the items around and store them, whether on shelves or in racks. While items can be stored in many different types of containers, re-using containers that were originally designed for another function may not be the most efficient and cost-effective solution. Damaged containers and containers that are difficult to clean or not robust enough for heavy usage can lead to damaged contents.

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380 x 735 mm(1)
480 x 480 mm(2)
495 x 850 mm(2)
515 x 480 x 480 mm(2)
540 x 650 mm(2)
560 x 710 mm(1)
585 x 840 mm(1)
610 x 735 x 915 mm(1)
620 x 380 x 970 mm(1)
620 x 455 x 820 mm(1)
625 x 615 x 670 mm(1)
660 x 460 x 650 mm(1)
670 x 1000 mm(2)
680 x 540 x 650 mm(2)
685 x 1015 mm(1)
695 x 670 x 1000 mm(2)
710 x 1320 mm(1)
715 x 535 x 785 mm(1)
715 x 685 x 1245 mm(1)
715 x 685 x 990 mm(1)
730 x 1040 mm(1)
735 x 380 x 735 mm(1)
735 x 915 mm(1)
750 x 455 x 615 mm(1)
760 x 685 x 1015 mm(1)
760 x 710 x 1320 mm(1)
760 x 730 x 1040 mm(1)
770 x 480 x 480 mm(2)
775 x 1410 mm(2)
785 x 495 x 850 mm(2)
785 x 560 x 710 mm(1)
785 x 585 x 840 mm(1)
790 x 750 x 1160 mm(1)
790 x 775 x 1410 mm(2)
840 x 1420 mm(1)
845 x 730 x 1040 mm(2)
980 x 750 x 1160 mm(1)
Recycled Polyethylene(1)

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Our trays, racks and trucks make creating a cost-effective and efficient storage system easy. Our tapered sided trucks are ideal for handling and storing a wide range of items. The trucks are large enough to be able to transport even bulky goods quickly and efficiently. The trucks may be used to handle damp or wet items as the tapered sides are smooth and sealed, making them easy to wipe clean. The trucks are therefore a hygienic way of transporting items such as medical waste or food products. They can be used in a variety of workplaces - commercial, industrial, catering or retail. The trucks are constructed from food grade polyethylene, making them suitable for food products. They are useful for catering applications because they are able to withstand a range of temperatures. In addition, the inside of the trucks can be easily cleaned. The tapering sides make them suitable for nesting, which makes them easier to transport around when empty. Nesting of the trucks also means that when they are not in use they take up less space - a bonus in smaller workplaces. If required, lids can be purchased for the trucks for additional security. The larger trucks are strengthened by the addition of a food grade plastic base. The trucks are resistant to most chemicals and have castors fitted to them to make moving them around the workplace easy. Our hinged lid trucks are also made from food grade polypropylene and are easy to clean and resistant to chemicals. The trucks have a two part, hinged lid in the centre, with galvanised pins. The lids provide additional security, but the lids can be removed if required. These robust trucks are especially useful for transporting packaged food or medical waste. The castor wheels are directly bolted onto the plastic base, which makes them easy to clean.

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